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Happy Birthday Jeremiah

January 8, 2008

I haven\’t forgot about you… but I have been so so busy. Today is my son\’s fifth birthday.

I have been in the middle of a career overhaul. I just don\’t know where to begin.

~ Thalia

Best of luck to all of the candidates in the New Hampshire State primary. May God bless you and your family.

Candidates Blanket New Hampshire as Record Turnout Forecast – Yahoo! News

Two hopefuls share little but appeal to youth
It has the feel and look of a transformative moment, this tidal wave of young voters buoying the disparate campaigns of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.

Obama rockets past Clinton in New Hampshire – Yahoo! News,

Iowa winners face new challenges in NH – Yahoo! News,

Tax Refund, may be delayed till March 2008, Shortcut to:

China will probably exceed the footprint for coal usage, Read on. China warns of increased coal usage – Yahoo! News,


Thanks for downloading my report \”7 Steps to Total Career Fitness.\” Hopefully you\’ll find it helpful as you navigate through key career and personal issues in your life. If you weren\’t able to download the link on the first try, you can get it directly at

I\’d like to continually be a resource for you so as a way of saying thanks for downloading this report, I\’m enrolling you in my periodic \”Coach\’s Career Tips\” e-newsletter that I send out once a week or so. I\’ll also let you know by email when I get hot job leads or career information that you ought to know about.

Have an INCREDIBLE week!

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Demographic Crisis, Robotic Cure?

By Blaine Harden
TOKYO — With a surfeit of the old and a shortage of the young, Japan is on course for a population collapse unlike any in human history.

Hi, Thalia,
The first week of January in gym-speak is known as \”New Year\’s Resolutions Week.\” The new year brings with it a host of new gym members all trying to lose weight and get in shape. The parking lot at the Healthtrax club I belong to is full and every machine in the weight room has a line. Treadmills andGermantown elliptical trainers are all taken. If you don\’t get to the spinning class at least 15 minutes early, you won\’t get a bike.

We tend to look down on these newbies who crowd the gym. The dedicated and faithful have the gym to themselves 11 months out of the year. It\’s frustrating to have to share \”our\” gym with those whom we know will only be around for about 3 or 4 weeks. Yes, I began 2008 new year with the same frustration and feelings about these \”intruders.\”

However after reflecting on it the other day, I realized something happened in the lives of the gym regulars to keep them coming back week after week, even after others had quit. In some cases it may have been a personal goal. In others a habit that soon formed. I\’m willing to bet though in some cases a word of encouragement kept them focused and pushed them to continue the program.

Half way through this week, I felt very convicted about my attitude towards these folks who made the commitment to improve themselves this year. After all, most of my writing and workshops are based around encouraging people towards top performance. Who am I to criticize them? This could be nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. I expect them to quit, let them know through my non-verbal behavior, then they indeed quit. I was ashamed.

So yesterday I made a point to talk to people I hadn\’t seen before at the Spinning and Group Power classes. I helped them adjust their spinning bikes and select the proper weights. I showed them some of the difficult moves in the shoulder routine and gave them tips to be more effective. Finally, I asked them at the end of the classes how they liked them and encouraged them to return. It was time to apply the principles I teach and it felt really good. In each and every instance, that \”gym-rat-to-be\” thanked me and told me they would be back. I\’m looking forward to seeing them again this week.

I know the gym will be more crowded, but who cares? I\’ll just get there a little earlier. The benefits outweigh the inconveniences. I\’ll have made new friends and perhaps assisted someone in accomplishing an exciting goal for the year. After all, people have done that for me throughout my career. It\’s a debt I\’m happy to repay.

What will you do this week when you see that co-worker who resolved to quit smoking? What about that person who committed to a weight-loss goal? Will you sit around and wait for them to fail just to prove they couldn\’t do it? Why not get off your butt and encourage them? Ask them how they\’re doing. Offer them compliments when they make it through the day without blowing it. It takes time and patience for a new habit to form, but that time decreases when we have encouragement. Maybe we all need an attitude adjustment as we get started in 2008. Let\’s all strive this week to help others keep their New Year\’s resolutions!

Towards your Total Career Fitness this year!

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p.s.s. I\’m also getting ready to launch a 4-week telecoaching workshop in February, based on the book. Would you be interested?

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Malcolm O. Munro
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