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Entry for January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008

I had thought that I would be less busy. I thought that I may have more time to check out some of my propositions. Instead, I am even more busier than ever before. However, what has caught my attention is that the local professional football team is finally addressing some of their problems, really they should be going to the superbowl and the pro-bowl. I do feel the same and that is that family has to share the time that you put in at work. I agree with that whole heartedly, whether it be school, rest or play – family has to share some of the time.

Nevertheless, this week I looked at a public station and the guy was saying that black culture is only recognized through hip-hop and there are only namely two successful people. I like hip-hop culture, but I don’t like the fact that the women look like… God knows what… Moreover, I don’t see the Black Male esteeming a woman that looks like him…, or atleast your mother. I see that football is no different from anyother industry, just like politics, the Black womann is not plentiful and can not be seen along side her black male as shows the world that he honors the woman who stuck by his side in slavery. I don’t think that casting a video or voting for the next president should have a lot to do with color. However, I do see that when it comes to money, Blacks don’t stick together. I think that if Martin Luther King were alive he would be just as shocked as I am about how the Black Caucus is not 100% fully behind the Black candidate. The number one agenda is to rewrite the constitution because the Amendment for the right to vote doesn’t work. Blacks are still using the tools of slavery on each other, can they prefer each other, can they look out for one another… Moreover, the saved folks are not delivering the game to their believing brothers and sisters, so all of a sudden when you are saved then you fall short when this one person comes around.

I have to admit that we all ought to learn how to get along and play like a team. I admit that when a team came to DC., I was doing the voodoo root motion and calling out blonde hair and it worked. But Christ sakes, if the man has free time to go on a vacation to Mexico, and I am not invited don’t hate. Thanks guys. This just brings me one step closer to a man that probably doesn’t know I exist. I do however, thank God that they left the “21” on their helmet. It made me feel like we were really family. As you know that I am moving farther and farther away from my real family. It is sad because in a society that we are in many people are excluded, so it is great to say, hey I identify with that… because our children are on loan from God and I would die for my child and protect my children by all cost.

Lastly, I want to say that there are a lot of groups, and some are abominable. This needs to stop, don’t cut a person short because of their color. I had a emeritus Aunt, and she was gay and she loved me and would do anything for me. I loved her back and never required anything from her but that she be a part of our families life and she let me honor her and treat her like a queen. A woman that you honor you will not sleep with them…. In paradise, we won’t need these bodies and so sex won’t be on our mind, that is my revelation. God has a final judgement for us all, and we decide if we had enough strength (see the book of Revelations 5:12).

To conclude, love your fellow citizens in this great Nation that is being torn apart. Lets stand together United and undivided. I will talk with you later. I am on bed rest, so pray that I gain my strength as I am now feverish. Take care,

~ Love,


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