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Baby talk

January 16, 2008

I was listening to Good Charlotte at, The music is so much clearer. Congratulations to Joel Madden (Waldorf, Maryland, Charles County, Maryland, suburb of the Great Washington, D.C. metropolitan area) and Nicole Richie (a relative of Shelia E and adopted daughter to Lionel Richie), they have a beautiful baby girl, Harlow. I hear that he is not so good with changing diapers. Typical guy, they always say that they are not good with diapers, come on be domestic, we all have male and female hormones running through us. Also best of congratulations to all parents all over the world, and especially those who had a safe and happy delivery on the Weekending, Saturday, January 12th, 2008. Most of all we are happy for all parents who considered conception. Can you believe Lionel and Brenda Richie is a grandad and grandma, coolest people out that don\’t age. Wow!!!! I also hear that there is a foundation in honor of the child, for all of those well wishers called the Richie-Madden Foundation. If this doesn\’t fit your niche, then there is the Redskins Charity and they are really good at helping people, Then, there is the ABC Home Edition program that helps really deserving families, the two families that brought tears to my eyes were all of them, but I will never forget the Brown family aired on WJLA television, Sunday, January 13th, 2008. Also the Pueblo Tribe that helped the first slain female in Iraq (2003). These two events just choked me up right to the very core. I love all of the cast on ABC Home Edition, God has a special place for everyone that participates,

~ Thalia

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