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The candidates for the race ’08 should stop arguing….

January 25, 2008

Well it is the end of another drab week. I am so happy to see the weekend come in. That means rest time for me. I have been like so sick with a flu. I learned that this flu was more resistent than the flu that I had the previous years, in 2006 and 2007.

I initially believed that I would never get well by running the streets and handling business. I had to do alot, as my 13 year old daughter walked out of the house. The sad part is that she is the type that won’t talk about what is bothering her, so I am like totally 200% the problem. She has a lot of bad influence, so she believes that she has other choices, but right now she is not in school, so I feel bad that this has taken up one day of her life. I feel challanged, but this good because now I get to have a valid reason to get all those family members out of the picture. I just wished that I did not have to file for the peace order and the arrest warrant. I hope that it serves as a wake up call. Meanwhile, keep Kae in prayer that she will have a perfect ending to a young life that is in turmoil.

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