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In the news on January 28, 2008

January 28, 2008

Barack Obama was a shoe-in for the South Carolina primary. I wanted most, is that the candidates talk about the issues that are affecting our economy and ability to stand as a nation together as a people and undivided. Obama Gets Big Win in South Carolina.

Senate may add to stimulus package. By JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, Associated Press Writer 25 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats will move to add to a $150 billion economic stimulus package rebates for senior citizens living off Social Security and an extension of unemployment benefits, setting up a clash with the White House and House leaders who are pushing a narrower package.

Also it appears that Eva Longaria-Parker has a new movie out. I think that I am going to like the movie more than I already think that I will like the movie. He new movie, as reported in the written review is called Over Her Dead Body. According the review written by the Washington Post\’s Angela Dawson (page 13), the leading character played by Longoria, Kate is a ghost. The actress plays Kate who is a woman who has an accidental death on her wedding day. She is a type-A control freak, eternally. Kate is sent back to earth but doesn\’t know what it is that she has to do. Her spirit clings to Henry, her greiving fiancie (Paul Rudd). Henry\’s new girl friend is a medium who conjures up Kate\’s angry spirit and it is a battle for Henry. If you go see the movie it will be about the following:

  1. Kate is unique, but similiar to Desparate Housewife\’s character Gabrielle
  2. The character is: egotistical, conceited and materialistic.
  3. The character dies on her wedding day
  4. The character is not ready to let go of the man that she loves.
  5. Kate, does not know how to let go of her live fiance
  6. Kate believes that she is protecting him

The Washington Redskins are stills earching for a coach. The search may go on through the Superbowl. Remember the superbowl tells my age, which is 24 on the other side, that\’s all you need to know keep on walking. I can\’t believe that Al Saunders and Gregg Williams were dismissed, also leaving are Bob Saunders, no realtion to me but the son of Al Saunders and quarterback coach Bill Lazor. Greg Blache will lead the teams\’ defense and announced the hiring of Jim Zorn to head the offense, as reported by Joseph White (AP), in the Sports section of the Washington Post, page 17.

It\’s all settled, Tom Brady bids a bootless farwell to the New England, to play the superbowl in Arizona. Now theortetically speaking the NFL is much more suited for the winning of the superbowl, but Patriots machine is sytematically ready to meet the challenge at the ultimate game. I like the superbowl because you get to look at all of the best commercials. I liked K-Fed and, Sega, Pepsi and Capitol One\’s catchy phrase, \”what\’s in your wallet?\”

Lastly, Tiger Woods Dominates the Buick Invitational Tournament with an 8-stroke win, and Woods ties Palmers\’ 62 career victories, by Doug Ferguson (AP), at the Washington Post, page 21 (Sports Section).

  1. Arnold Palmer and Tiger wood tie the career PGA tour list for victories, Tiger\’s birdie on the last hole gave him a 1-under 71 and an eight-shot victory.
  2. Tiger Woods finished at 18-under 270 and won the tournament, for the fouth consecutive year.
  3. Tiger Woods ties a PGA tour record for consecutive wins in a single tournament.
  4. Woods is the only player to own a streat at two events and also won four in a row at Bay Hill.
  5. Tiger is the world\’s number one player.
  6. Tiger won six times as a pro at torrey Pines.
  7. Tiger commented that the Grand Slam is easily within reason

Congratulations Tiger, we wish you all the best. Keep on Keeping on…..

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