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January 28, 2008

Effective, December 31, 2007 at Midnight, Satan was dismissed from your life. He had been employed for many years but after a thorough investigation, he was found incompetent. He has lost all benefits and will not be allowed to work in your life anymore. He has been served a
restraining order and is not allowed near you or anything or anybody connected to you. Please be careful and watch because he is very disgruntle and is seeking revenge. You must know that he did not leave willingly. He was escorted out by the Holy Ghost. Before he was dismissed, there were several items of yours, which were found in his possession and are now being processed and returned to you. You should be expecting your stuff any day now. You are not to speak to him at anytime about the matter for you had nothing to do with his dismissal directly. The CEO of Heaven sought fit to dismiss him for he had already informed Satan on several occasions that he would not be apart of your 2008. Do not fear for your 2008 has been sealed with the Blood of Jesus and you will be able to advance rather quickly. Remember he will not be able to get in again unless you entertain him. Nothing can come thru the Blood.

If Satan should try to contact you, please inform Heaven immediately. If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Heaven. Do not be dismayed. The CEO will be responding to all calls as they come in. A copy of this letter is being placed in your Heavenly file.

Deidre F. Sterling-Stevens, Senior Pastor

Keys of Life Apostolic Word Ministries

“Leading People to a Life of Holiness through Worship & the Word of God”

Location: 2121 W. Palmer Lane, Suite 116B, Austin, Texas 78727, 512-436-0585


Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that we located my 13 year old daughter, Kae. She walked out of the home on Saturday, January 19th, 2008. Praise God, she was brought back to the home on Friday, January 26th, 2008. The tenth chapter, in the book of Matthew talks about Jesus Christ coming to bring a sword to the family and how the Councils would rise up to kill you (Matthew 10:34; Luke 14:26, Acts 5:40, Revelations 5:12).

I took her to school and I had to re-emphasize that Safe Haven Networks are fine, but you must allow the parent to nurture the child and all guardians and custodial parents should have the right to make the final choices regarding: health, education and religion. As children of God we already know what God has in store for us, and trust me it wasn’t from the hand of a Safe Haven Network.

The sad part about the corruption in PG County is that there wasn’t even a police report number. I had to complain twice to a magistrate at the State District Court of Maryland (in Prince Georges County). The agency responsible for investigating allegations against me, watched her sit out of school and did not nothing to assist with the truancy issue. The gossip is that it was the Child Services agency who so against my child from resuming her normal life. I am not surprised, because I went for employment opportunities while I was in school and they told me to leave the property. I don’t care what office, I get the most help from whether it be the State Attorney’s Office or the Attorney General’s Office, I don’t want my children’s life to be disrupted.

Keep us in your prayers. Pray that she will stop running and what ever the stress in her life that causes her to feel that she is not worthy and doesn’t belong will be removed from her and that God will heal her heart, mind and body and soul. I go to court on February 5, 2008. I am asking that all children that want to go to school can go to school and that unless their life is threatened that there normal activities are not interrupted over domestic violence. If you want to follow up on this story then check back to this Yahoo Group. Meanwhile, wish me luck and hopefully this matter will be resolved as a simple misunderstanding.

Cordially yours

Thalia Sanders


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