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Entry for February 04, 2008

February 4, 2008

I love superbowl commericals, unfortunately the best commercials were in the last two years.

I would like to thank everyone in the Football League for wearing “21” on their helmets. I think we can identify with the fact that we all know at least one person in our life, that we consider family (and friends) that we will protect our life for thier life, to the end. A good value is courage, valor and honor. The superbowl showed that most of the time, the NFL will prevail over the AFL. I am just happy to see that the redskins have the potential to go back to the superbowl and win. I saw D. williams on the commentaries and interviews, you are still the best quarterback in the world to me, even if they sidelined you for no apparent reason. Who loves you baby?

I can’t believe that I have finally gotten over the flu. The flu took a lot of my time. I thought that since I was out of school, then I would have a lot of time. Not so, I have been very busy and wondered how I did all the things that I did and had a moment to breath.

It is has been so wild. I have court and a lot of issues to deal with regarding a teenager who is not grounded and could run at anytime. We were at a taco restaurant and she was ordering more fast food to go. So then I heard the chimes on the door beep. I look up and she is coming to me. I hope that she can become grounded and that if anything happens to me that she can go to school, and grow and learn to be a wonderful human being.

Rock the Vote



On Wednesday, I flew out to California to attend the last debates before Super Tuesday. While the candidates sparred inside, young people rallied outside. We got some great press attention for the youth vote that night, but it’s nothing compared to what we can do next with your help.

Tomorrow, 22 states are holding elections — one day that could determine both parties’ nominations. Today I need your help to show the media that this momentous election is being decided by young people. Please sign our Pledge to Pick the Prez today:

Chrissy Faessen, Rock the Vote’s Communications Director, is working on our press release about the youth vote for Super Tuesday. 10,000 of you signed our pledge last week. It’s a great item for us to include in our press, but I told her that we can double that number. So, she agreed to wait, but the absolute latest we can send it out is midnight tonight. Can you invite 5 friends to sign the pledge before then?

There is a real movement of young people happening. We picked the winner in the early primary contests, and we are changing the face of politics. Let’s keep it up.

Rock on,
Heather Smith
Executive Director, Rock the Vote

PS. If you need help finding your primary/caucus date or polling location, take a look at our primary/caucus info page.

PPS. The media has already started pay attention to us. Check out “The Year of the Youth Vote” in Time Magazine.


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