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My culture: my style…Thank you for embracing the number twenty one

February 7, 2008

Last night I saw the repeat of African American Lives -2. And I was wondering why they did not show equally talented and celebrated people of color who had been here and had never known slavery, like myself. It makes me say to myself, just goes to say that I am not African American. The culture is beautiful without slavery in it, but I guess that must be a class of people. Again thank you to all of the people who wore #21, it made me feel as if the Redskins were out there playing in the superbowl, I felt a human bond with each every person. I love you.

Romney: 'I have to now stand aside'
Romney: ‘I have to now stand aside’

Obama Advisers Foresee a Delegate Draw With Clinton

McCain seals GOP nod as Romney suspends

Spagnuolo crossed off Redskins list

Obama raises $7M post Super Tuesday

The Black Chronicle
[Click here if you are unable to view the image or message]

The Black Chronicle is a compilation of news articles from historical editions of African American newspapers dating from 1778 to 1956, which detail the triumphant evolution of people of African ancestry in America. Compiled by the late Henry Hampton, Executive Producer of the award winning PBS documentary, “Eyes on the Prize,” the Black Chronicle was culled from articles of over two dozen African-American newspapers.

Why is the Black Chronicle important for every family to have in their home?

The Black Chronicle provides a most revealing and insightful panorama of the events that shaped the African-American experience from our cultural perspective. These absorbing stories — much like our own personal family stories — illuminate what has often been a hole in our collective experience and the truth regarding our origins.

Great for Black History Month classes and discussions!

Visit the Black Chronicle site:

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