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My culture: My style …. defining success

February 12, 2008

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Subject: Career Fitness Tips: Success Principle #1: Define Success


Last week I told you we’d be spending the next 10 weeks going through my 10 Steps to Personal and Professional Success. Holding true to my word, let’s hit principle #1: Define Success.

The easy way to define success is to consult the dictionary. Here’s what I found:

Success is: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

This definition works to a point, but it leaves out one important aspect: what are the attempts or endeavors for you? If we haven’t defined them, how will we know when we have “prosperous termination”?

We can categorize success into two areas: personal and professional. Personal success would be those accomplishments that benefit our mind, body, and spirit, while professional success might be in our finances or career. These are very different and by grouping them into one category, we can really mess things up.

Let’s say your definition of success focuses only on professional. I’ve seen it happen in many of my clients. They lose their job where they felt affirmed, confident, and in control and suddenly their entire world collapses. They’re no longer confident, their relationships suffer, and overall they view themselves as a complete failure. Just as a wise investor diversifies a stock portfolio, we need to diversify our pursuit of success.

This week, take some time to define what personal success would look like for you. Maybe it’s losing some weight, spending more time with your family, or taking a daily opportunity to pray or meditate. If your first definition of success is personal, spend some time working on your personal life, the mind, body, spirit approach.

Next, figure out how you define professional success. Maybe it’s working towards that promotion at work or growing your business to a higher level or focus on a new type of customer. Perhaps it’s increasing your network or finding that next great job for yourself. If professional success is what you want to realize, take some time this week to take on new projects, add more value to your organization, or do something outside of work (like reading professional books or taking courses) for professional development. (Be sure to scroll down below in the “ps” section for a great free resource to do just that!)

Personal and professional success should work in tandem, but never be rolled into one. If we define what success looks like for us, we’ll have a clearer indication of when it’s time to celebrate the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

Endeavor to persevere this week. Next week we’ll hit Principle #2: Dream Big!

To your Total Career Fitness!

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