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February 13, 2008

I found this in a yahoo group, very interesting… This is in my spirit.


Behold, the thief has tried to steal My people away from Me, and lied unto them
about the way I considered them so that they would submit willingly unto their captivity. Like a child kidnapped and told that their parents did not love them or want them anymore, My Children have grown up thinking I did not love them but waited with My judgment gavel to hit them over the head with every time they were bad. Their substitute home and foster guardians beat and abused My Children and made them to believe that this is “Love”.

But I say, regardless of what they were raised to believe concerning Me, their
True Parent, I will again draw them back unto Me and will reveal My True Self unto them to their joy and gladness. They shall cease to be afraid of Me and will seek to bring forth true friendship with Me and disdain those foster guardians who used to beat and lie to them and treat them so disdainfully for the sake of the checks. For they used My Children only to further themselves and their own kingdoms, and regarded not the day in which repayment and certain judgment would come upon them.

Some have grown up under the captivity of the foster guardians and tried to love their captors and to pattern their lives after them. They have become like unto their foster guardians, trying to find acceptance in that bad situation, hoping to appease them and Me in their wrong ideas about Me and how I judge. I have pity upon their blindness, but know that all who have truly sought unto Me in their hearts have come to have a clearer view of Me. But those who have sought only to conform to the views of their captors have sought Me not; and thus stood in their arrogance learned from them, becoming also, abusive foster guardians.

Your world is full of the teaching of wrong ideas, so Little Children who are
fortunate enough to find My words, I say, Look up to the True Light now shining and cease to believe the lies that have been taught you about Me. You were not willingly orphaned and thrown away by Me; but were snatched from Me by the thieves of this day, before you could truly learn of Me how I am, in love to you all. Believe them not; succumb not to the fate of your older brothers and sisters, siblings who were stolen away before you, but come and seek Me out on your own, for I am not far from any of you. And My way ye will love, and My wisdom, if ye will seek to see it through My revelation of it to you.

Care not to leave the cruel foster guardians who raised you, for you were Mine
from thy beginning. And they hold thee not in righteousness, but are the thieves who kidnapped you and bonded thee to them in your captivity so that ye have no choice but to conform. Though all the world tells you to conform to their doctrines, believe thou the words of thy Creator, thy True Parent; who never stopped loving you and hoping for your eventual growing up to come looking to find Me. For every orphan dreams of finding their true parent to see where they actually came from. I call thee home unto Me, My kidnapped Children, who will hear and return to Me, saith Jesus thy Redeemer. Cry unto Me from the lands of thy captivity and I will meet with thee there and take thee out and
unto Myself where we shall again walk together as one. Selah and Amen.

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