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My culture: My style @ February 20th, 2008

February 20, 2008

1. Orbiting around the Sonlight

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Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:11 am (PST)


At each stage along the way ye rejoiced in greater light, thinking that ye had it all, and that there was little more ye could reach. Thinking you understood well enough, yet always seeing the need to progress further.

As with all light, it is accompanied by fire, thus with burning heat. As a moth comes by degrees unto the flame, being drawn by the light, it gets progressively hotter the closer he advances. But he does not fly away as his wings become seared, but loses his life to become one with that light to which he is irresistibly drawn.

That which seeks to get closer to Me, the Son of Righteousness, finds that the closer They draw to Me, the greater the intensity of heat, comes to bear upon them. The scorching or searing of the flesh, which is emotions and desires, makes it to melt away as fat in the fire. Who can dwell with My everlasting burnings? Who can pass through the Sea of Glass mingled with fire to get to the Kingdom? Only them who are willing to lose ALL, the \”good\” flesh as well as the \”bad\”. And them, who do so, learn even to contain that fire which inwardly consumes them.

It is not for man to seek outward renown from any. But to seek only that honor which comes from their Creator. Woe unto you if all men speak well of you! Somehow ye are compromising if they do.

There are some who stand back, looking at the flame, longing to be one with it, but not willing to lose their life in the heat of it. There are others who are irresistibly drawn. The greater desire and intensity of heat shall bear the greater purification and obtain greater purity. For only the fire purifies. There are those who TALK of the fire and of the need for it, but give not themselves to it enough to obtain much benefit. They are settled and satisfied with the gift of light, which they presently have and move in that orbit around the Light, preferring to come no closer.

Behold many do so to keep a particular state of peace in their own situation and
circumstances. They think it unbearable to come unto, violently relinquishing all. They like their present state of enjoyment of light. But in it is also a low order, of sacrifice and cross bearing.

So, much flesh and its liberty remains. Many rejoice in the sound of My words, and for a moment desire to be there. But soon human concerns drown out that yearning and they take to moving again in their same orbit, the outer court realm. They think it great to come sometimes into the Holy Place for a visit, but works take them outward again into the worldly sanctuary.

But every one makes their own decision how much of My heat to their flesh they\’ll
endure. And I must say that it is easier to teach them who have been taught nothing at all than for them who have long stewed in Christendom\’s cauldron, seeing the various manifestations of counterfeit spiritual gifts. There has been so much proclaiming of ���I���ve got a greater light, so hear me��� or ���So and so has a greater light, so hear him!��� that they are forever tossed and blown and leave that which is at home within, untended for running to see and to hear some new thing.

All of them intent on hearing about the Kingdom of course, but none of them willing to make their own solitary pilgrimage there.

O the light still shines for those in those outer orbits, and they rejoice in these false resting places. But the desire has to come to bring them beyond all these transitory places. The desire to GIVE UP ALL, family, friends and fellowships to be cast into the mold of the Most High.

The world will reject them that are Mine; even the world of Christendom. So, where any are making provision to be known and respected by Christians, they are saving the ���good��� parts of flesh. And until they realize that others are obtaining that which they have not, they will content themselves in that arena, thinking they do Me good service. And perhaps they do, for I have workers on all levels to draw others closer to Me. But the shining; blinding light that I wish to bestow cannot be given to those who stay in the outer belts, orbiting there.

I call all to lose their life in Me that they may save it unto eternal life. I cannot rule in part while \”good flesh\” rules also in part. One or the other will rule. Good flesh can be very religious, and speak and act so, but it is still FLESH, thus unacceptable in My Presence. Some spend all their lives grooming that ���good side of flesh��� only to have it stripped off to find that Self governed the whole of their life.

Behold, you must leave each to choose for themselves. For by no words can ye reach that which declares itself ���satisfied��� with its present spirituality. The mouth may say that changes are made, but until the heart yearns for all such changes, the will moves not into them but remains secretly at the same comfort level, or false rest that it was. And though I draw them, yet I mourn over many, for flesh is chosen over spirit.

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