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Entry for February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008

\”Always laugh when you can.
It is cheap medicine.\”

~ Lord Byron,

\”Always laugh when you can.
It is cheap medicine.\”

~ Lord Byron,


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Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:43 am (PST)

The wisdom of the Most High is not given to the rash, nor to the impetuous, but
unto them totally submitted unto My leading by the Spirit. Impetuousness shuts off the
flow of Holy Spirit words till the one submits themself to My timing for those things to
be brought forth. Thus ever follow My leading, else in zeal you will foul all My plan.
Behold, secrets of wisdom be given you. Some to hold onto, and some to share.
And ye must be sure of My leading as to what is to be done with it. When I broadcast
unto My Sons and Daughters, sound ye faithfully. But My wisdom revealed concerning
times and seasons is not given unto all, who broadcast in impetuosity. Thus heed Me as to
what to do always, and move not ahead of Me. For surely many are moving ahead,
knowing not My timetable; but from zeal sound their trumpet uncertainly. And thus My
people know not what to do.
My call must be synchronized, organized to make a clear and certain sound. Many
voices are uncertain and they sound not yet in harmony with My others because of the
pollutions of their own thinking being involved and included.
Know ye the strong impression of Holy Spirit from fleshly zeal seeking it’s own
importance and cause. Thus ye know the difference between My impetus and flesh’s zeal
to proclaim that which I have not permitted you. I wish to open My secrets to several who
are ready; but all are not worthy to hear them. So be led of Me in all ye do diligently, and
ye will not fail Me nor your brothers and sisters whom I lead you to share with in this
hour. Selah.
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