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The weekending Saturday, March 8th, 2008

March 8, 2008

Gee, it seemed like forever, but yeah I made it back to the blog. I have been in the land of diarrhea. And there is no way to put it eloquently. Everywhere that I turned to post for my blog they were blocking out Yahoo. I would never believe that the PG Campus would block on Yahoo e-mail, but they did. One person made it bad for everyone. And that is what I am sick of and it is that one person makes it hard for everyone and so everyone is treated the same.

Most of all, it appears that I am always the crazy person, but I make a lot of sense. Most of all, I got the refund that I was looking for after two months, it was long over due. Also that student loan company has been called up on the way they post information about loans. I am 42 years old, and there is a loan that was fully paid back. Most of all, where I live at — I can assure you that education is not very important.

I don’t have to be bothered with my siblings or my low life aunts and uncles. I am free as an orphan.

Kae tried to run again over the weekend. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone that she can’t manipulate. I feel so sorry for her but I am also very uncomfortable with her mental state of mind. I remember flaking out like that… My mom was like on the board for Mental Health at Saint Elizabeth’s hospital, nothing new because everyone always thinks that I am crazy as hell. My response. WHATEVER!!!!!

I have got peace of mind. I am gearing up for the Evangelical meeting in 2009. We are going to beat the population at the new ball park in D.C. Cause that stadium is the largest in the country and it is like in PG County. Nevertheless, both religious organizations have told their would be presidential candidates that they are the world. I am either going to run for president or vote republican. It is getting to ugly and I don’t feel comfortable with the other candidate, she is making a lot of non-White people very uncomfortable.

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