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Is an organization a church if…..

March 12, 2008

It has an alternative agenda to hurt people. There has be a time and place that we can listen to the word of God and we don\’t have to worry about being hassled or harrassed. It seems that these days finding a good church is almost impossible. I was surprised at the fact that this one organization has members that can\’t seem to interact with some children in children\’s church, I call that bias harrassment.

Nevertheless, in this world we live in it is going to take a lot to get spiritual refreshment. The state of Maryland alone, is on the brink of civil war. It is going to take a whole lot of prayer to get through to the presidential election. I am hearing that the minority has only 211 delegates, but he overhwelmingly has the popular vote. I knew that this would be divisive and that\’s why I probably will vote republican. I just don\’t like people make sexuality jokes or sexist remarks.

Then it dawned on me that I longed to know why this women spoke so crazily. Was it because she was apart of this cult and that the demon had influenced her mind. Then I read a book at the library and decided it was a culture difference. Everyone thinks that I don\’t have any distinct differences and that they have everything all figured out for me. It\’s always me, the crazy one. I was reading this book and I know that my ancestors were in the middle east through a migratory travel over 500 to 1,000 years ago. However, something had stayed the same to me, a culture that I was hanging on to.

Check out this book: Harik, Ramsay M., and Marson, Elsa. (2003). \”Women in the Middle East: Tradition and Change.\” Franklin Watts. Danbury, Connecticut 06816. ISBN: 0-531-12222-0.

In closing, the bible says that it is important to know that the head of your household isn\’t the devil. Now there are alot of cults out there that don\’t believe in the devil. However, let it be known there are other forces out there that don\’t believe that Christ died on the cross and what his death is symbolical of, that it is okay to wear the cross on your neck. There will always be a mobile critic\’s corner about you and your family (John 15:20).

In ending, the word of God says (1 John 2:6), that you shouldn\’t worry about your hair type, nothing happens without God\’s consent. The Son of God gave knowledge and rest. And although my son may be hyper, God has revealed to Himself to my son Matthew 11:25. Most importantly the head of your household is not a demon (Matthew 10:25).

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