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Have a fabulous weekend….

March 14, 2008

I would say that this pre-Saint Patricks weekend has been about adjustment.

1) To the fact that you might not like what a person has to say but God may be using them to tell you something. Always pray and aks is this something God would say to me, did I pray for this. Do I have the knowledge to discern God’s word and someone elses’ opinion. Think before you speak.

2) To the fact that the resources for a job and groceries are limited. I could not find the frozen Philips’ Crab cake at two grocery stores. There were many other items out of stock and sometimes it seems like someone is either not order or the delivery truck did not think enough of the people to bring the groceries to the store. If the infrastructure fails in the suburbs, then that could spell a lot of trouble for minorities. See the economic article on Yahoo News!, Stocks retreat on credit fears.

3) To the fact that affirmative action may not be around all the time. I listened to a man say that the weakness, in this context is solely the blame of other African American. I said oh my God he is going to justify all of the patterns that don’t make since, like being successful and marrying outside of your race. It is the only racial group that I know of that doesn’t esteem a woman who loves him and fits his racial features. I often wonder, could you have found a woman that loves you and fit’s your racial features. Why is this county continously discriminating against black on black by giving out jobs. This would cause a revelution in Africa amongst tribes. Now Maryland, you are still on the brink of civil war.

4) To the fact that I have overcome all the negativity from my siblings and aunts and uncles. They will have to leave my kids alone. I have no reason to look back. I am happy.

In closing, I am just blessed that my sons can use the restroom in a proficient manner. I would say that both of my kids were dehydrated. Hydrating a kid outside of your budget can be very expensive and taxing. I needed some inspiration so I read these adjectives: attitude, teamwork, vision, success and character.

Attitude – it’s your attitude not your aptitude which determines your attitude.

Teamwork – it is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit

Vision – a visionary is one who finds his war by the moonlight and sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Success – is a jorney, not a destination

Character – is built in a lifetime.

Other news worthy:

“Spitzer resigns amid sex scandal”,

Obama looks to Miss. for momentum – Yahoo! News,

Day of reckoning for Clinton, Obama – Yahoo! News,

School’s Out was recently featured in the Washington Post. The article gave a history of our small business. You can read the article here.

We also wanted to thank you, our users, for trusting us to keep you up to date with your schools status. It’s hard to believe that School’s Out has been around for over 10 years now.

Lastly, we wanted to remind you to signup for our text message alerting. For less than $2/month you can get alert messages sent directly to your cell phone. It takes less than 5 minutes to signup through our secure server. Sign up here:, Thanks! Ian & Craig

Intimate Rivalries: A Mixture of Pride and Envy
By Shankar Vedantam

The young woman had done well in a recent exam, but was feeling awful because she had just found out that a close friend had done even better. When she confided in social psychologist Abraham Tesser, he immediately recognized that the woman was standing at the fault line of two emotions that each…

Bernanke signals another rate cut – Yahoo! News,

Obama Overtakes Clinton, Tied With McCain, Poll Says – Yahoo! News,

Michael Jackson faces forced sale of Neverland – omg! news on Yahoo!,

If you missed, it Janet’s been featured in all of the ethnic magazines. There will be no grammy for her to pick up. I hear her song occassionally but not lately on the radio while I am watching television, especially channel five. I guess they solved the problem and decided to get rid channel 24 for the news that was on channel 5. Janet: "Feedback" Is In – Hip-Hop Media Training,

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