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Good Friday and happy easter

March 20, 2008

This evening is very similar to a typical evening before Good Friday. I have just heard that I will be going to court for my kids. My daughter thinks that she will be placed in a home with rich people and that she will end up at my sisters house. My son thinks that he will play into forever land, but he loves mom as long as she gives him whatever it is that he wants. I feel so sorry for my daughter because no one in my family ever lived in a home with a stranger. She acts so much like a slave, she does what ever it is that she think that she can do to manipulate. She is in for a rude awakening. I can’t keep feeling sorry for a 13 year old who doesn’t want anything in life. I have been praying and hoping that things change. I remember that when I was 14 years old. I too went through trying times.

In closing, I was looking through the yellow pages. I saw that you could season holder seats for many of the stadiums that the teams play in. I was saying to myself, isn’t this what it is all about. Life is like a football team, the team you are on can do very well or very poor. Sometimes we need a guide to remind us that we are watching the right team, it’s only when we by pass a channel that we hear the sports caster announce our team that is in fact playing later on that evening. Sometimes, things can be very political and the sports caster might not talk about the game. I will give you more on this essay next week. Take care. Don’t forget that I wrote wonderful notes about the fall term’s classes and just waiting to post them as well.

Remember what the bible has to say about adversity, and that is that they enemy will deliver you up to the counsel to kill you, Luke 21:19, but God will prepare you for every word, so don’t put your trust in man or worry about what he can do to you.

Take care and have a wonderful and fabulous easter holiday. God bless you.

~ Thalia

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