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How did she do it, but she did and she’s number one again… Mariah

March 25, 2008

Mariah is number one and it was just like the other day that she was sending out newsletters to her fans. She has awesome fans, because she has picked up a lot of main stream music awards. I also like J-lo’s fans because they show their strength, and you don’t have to go looking for them.


Hope you’re having a great day! Hey go to this site:
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For most of us, this is Spring Break week. Hopefully you’re able to do something fun and exciting. You know, not long ago, Spring Break used to be called Easter Vacation. In this era of political correctness, it’s no longer referred as such. Have you noticed that when we have freedom of religion, everyone has so much freedom that nobody actually has any! I digress.. Anyway, reflecting back on Easter, for some, it represents the day Christ rose from the dead after being crucified. You can read the account of this resurrection in your Bible in John chapter 20. For others, Easter represents the beginning of Spring, a time for renewal and refreshment after a long winter. Whatever you believe, I encourage you to at a minimum, to at least reflect on both meanings.

For Christians, Easter Sunday was the day a woman named Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb early to pay her respects. About 36 hours earlier, Jesus had met a gruesome death at the hands of the Romans. His body was wrapped and placed inside a donated cave and a stone was rolled over the entrance and sealed by the Roman guards. Just imagine her surprise to find the tomb wide open with no body inside! Panicked, she reported back to a couple of Jesus’ followers who raced down to the cemetery to check out her story. At that moment, a distraught Mary was comforted then by two angels who reiterated Jesus’ promise to rise again. Moments later, Jesus himself (whom she thought was the gardener of all people!) appeared to her. When she joyfully realized it was in fact her old friend, she spread the word to his followers. Over the next 40 days, Jesus made numerous appearances to his followers and others before finally ascending back into heaven.

For everyone else (and Christians too!), Easter is the day we celebrate renewal. If you’ve slogged through a depressing Winter, losing site of both resolutions and goals, Easter is your day to get back on track. Why not take a new look at what you originally planned to accomplish this year? Dust off those already-forgotten resolutions and make some new plans this week to make them work again for you? Remember, Spring, like any other season, goes quite fast. Before long, we’ll all be trying to squeeze into bathing suits. Revisit your fitness goals. Summer normally costs families in terms of higher gas prices, kids’ camps, and family vacations. Why not work extra hard and get a surprise bonus or launch that new book or information product?

In spite of all the bad economic news, I’m excited for these next 3 months. I hope you are too and are making plans to have a very successful Spring.

Towards your Total Career Fitness!

ps. If you’ve attended one of my workshops or purchased a product or service (and found it beneficial), would you do me a HUGE favor? I’m trying to collect testimonials from past customers and attendees using a new phone service. It will allow me to post them on my website as audio files. I would love it if you’d help me out. Just call 1-800-609-9006 x8927 (it’s a free call for you) and leave your name, hometown, and your testimonial.

If you’re really brave (and I hope you are!) you can email me a photo of you to post as well. Thanks in advance for your help!

pps. Mark your calendar for April 17, 2008. I’ll be speaking at the MOAA Job Fair in Washington DC. This should be a HUGE event with well over 100 employers. While it’s promoted at military folks, civilians are welcome. I hope to see you there! You can get more information at 

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