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Don\’t look at my skin… and there is a disturbing trend

April 3, 2008

against black men. It\’s not just the bad stares that I get against my son when we are walking down the street. I use to think that the dirty stares would go away once people got use to my son being lighter than me. I thought oh, maybe they will meet this wonderful white girl and they will forget all about my son\’s color and complexion. I thought certainly it is okay to have a son a lot lighter than me and the complexion of some of his ancestors. There are plenty of men my complexion that prefer anything but something that looks similar to them, or maybe even me. Then I thought about it, I am unique. I have my own complexion and my own hair type. I have good hair and I love my color and the skin that I am in….. I kid you not, don\’t be misunderstood that I am the type of person who doesn\’t get sunburn. The sun is very harsh on my feet and doesn\’t respond well to a heated day and a pair of sandals on some asphalt.

Nevertheless, I was reading a newspaper. I am disturbed that the Democratic party stills has two front runners. One is struggling to pay the bills and afraid to reach out to her base, which is in fact not her base. Her opposer called and I answered the call and gave him my vote. Also her opposer raised a reported $40 million for the month of March 2008. I don\’t think that he is struggling to pay the bills. I feel sorry for his pastor and I hope that his leadership is not questioned and transgressed, but this church has been on the front runner of revolutionary social change, as my family were persecuted natives.

Anyway, I was reading this newspaper and it had me wondering. No wonder I get all those dirty stares we live in a society that says a five year old male will face social injustice and probably assault at an early age, \”

ATLANTA – About 1 in 50 U.S. infants are victims of nonfatal child abuse or neglect in a year, according to the first national study of the problem in that age group.

The study focused on children younger than 1 year, and found nearly a third were one week old or younger when the abuse or neglect occurred, The CDC publication:
In PG County where the police misconduct is still rampant, here is also what my son faces other than poor police service and a screwed up elementary school. The backwards degradation of the accomplishments of the Kerner report, on February 29, 1968.
a climate of race discrimination in police practices:
  • unemployment and underemployment
  • inadequae housing
  • inadequate education
  • poor recreation facilities (no recreation facilities)
  • programs that had led to anger
  • ineffectiveness of the political structure
  • grievance mechanisms
  • disrespectful White attitudes (I have to see that….?, may I add my bestest friend is White by default)
  • discriminatry administration of justice
  • inadequacy of federal programs
  • inadequacy of municipal services
  • discriminatory consumer and credit practices
  • and inadequate welfare programs
  • more (cities) abandonment an less investment of the nation
  • a society of surplus and a society deficit
  • infant mortality rate is higher
  • No manufacturing jobs investment, guns and automatic weapons, taxes up and services down
  • Better jails and poorer schools
  • Black police will continue misconduct but will act differently against White suspects
  • Police will fail to identify themselves before they act or judge
  • Police will continue to unaccountable when they seize our husbands, babies, daughters, sons, and brothers and sisters
  • Continue the oldest trick in the book, change of venue so that they are not tried by a jury of their peers
On November 26, 2006, Michael Bell was shot and killed just hours before he was to be maried. He was only 23 years old, he was shot at 31 times by one cop, 11 times by another cop and four times by another cop. (Resarch by The Final Call, news print, pages 5 and 6 of Volume 27 Number 23, March 11, 2008,
Why is it that those of us that look like each other either play a part in our own demise or we make the Black Man extinct. It is to the point now that I no longer condone interracial dating, because a man has to be with someone who loves him. Not someone who has been cruel to him and gave him harsh looks since he was a toddler. Neither do I want him to believe that his community can heal when in daycare the first child\’s daycare arrangements that need to be modified are his. We have to look at the political climate that we create in our environment. So many of us let power go to our heads, and we think that for the first time in our lives that we now have power over our own families and other Black families. Yet we fail to realize that we are so close to rolling backwards like a roller coaster.
I, Thalia Sanders, am not a contentious person, so please don\’t put me on your roller coaster. Life is so much sweeter now. I got all of the trouble makers out of the way. Yes, I may be fighting to keep my kids, but on the bright side. I gave them hope and culture. One day, I hope that they will not forget how to return home, because home is where the heart is….. (May God bless you and please read 1 Timothy 4:4 and 5). Although my family came here before the colonist, it is all making sense to me. I now understand the Mid-Atlantic Slave passage, it was a mystery to why millions o
f people were duped and why nations attacked mostly the young, were they brilliant or genious. Who could purportrate the sick mind a dark society, but it\’s all coming to me now.

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