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Now that\’s better…..

April 3, 2008


We took a break last week from our series on 10 Principles for Personal and Professional Success, but since I\’m sure everyone is back to work this week, let\’s dive right back in. You can listen to this audio post by going to As a review, here are the principles we\’ve covered so far:

1. Define Success

2. Dream Big

3. Set Good Goals

4. Let Go of Assumed Constraints

5. Commit to Continuous Learning

6. Expand Your Network

This week, let\’s go one better. Actually, this week\’s principle is to GET BETTER!

Do you remember the hot toy this past Christmas? Of course you do, it was the Nintendo Wii. There was a little buzz about the Wii early in late summer, but by the time the holidays came around, the rush was on. Every big box electronic store had a run on the gadget and EBay sellers were listing them at over $700.00. They were nearly impossible to find. Nintendo struck gold on this one.

Now, if the execs at Nintendo were smart, they would carefully plan a similar marketing strategy this year using the Wii based on last Christmas\’s sales right? Of course not! We\’ve all been around long enough to know that hot products last only one season. After all, the Christmas before had the PS3 and that creepy Elmo doll as the rage. The year before it was the Xbox 360. Before that, the PSP. If you think back, it\’s always been something new each year. Any company wanting to make money and increase market share has to make a strong commitment to have a new, innovative product each year. In other words, they have to commit to simply GET BETTER each year!

What about you?

All of us need to think in the same terms. Each year, we must do something more incredible, remarkable, or marketable for our careers so as to not get stagnant or find ourselves on the short end of a layoff. Our best this year will be mediocre next year, and possibly unacceptable the following year.

As of today, the U.S. economy is \”on the ropes\” with steady bad news pouring in nearly every day. Right now, employers seem to be holding steady with new hires and a few are beginning layoffs. If the trend continues, it\’s possible many folks could lose their jobs. The new buzzword in my circles is \”recession-proofing\” a career or job. If you want to do that, make a commitment today to get better! How would we do that? Here are some suggestions:

-Take on a new task

-Ask yourself each day how what you do ties into building the bottom line or achieving the organization\’s mission -Learn a new skill -Read a book on your career field -Learn and leverage the organization\’s politics -Increase your internal and external networks -Find a mentor -Be a mentor -Research articles on your career field -Ask yourself each day what you can do to help your employer make more money -Go above and beyond your job description -Make yourself indispensable -Quit gossiping

-Stop being annoying

-Talk more about what you can do to be successful and less about who should have been voted off American Idol

Tomorrow is a good day to get started on your GET BETTER plan. Remember, we\’re only as good as our last success. If we commit to creating a win each day, there\’s no telling what great opportunities will come from it. I\’m excited to find something new tomorrow to get better at. I hope you are too!

To your Total Career Fitness,


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