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My culture: My style: @ 4/11/08 – Blogging for the weekend

April 11, 2008

Can you believe it, it is really spring. Ghetto spring is so sensational in the greater Washington Metropolitan area. I really should have taken pictures. I am still living in the greater Washington area and I am trying to leave the area. I took off of school this spring to get to know my toddler son a little better. I am so glad that I did. Everything that I have done has been for my children.

I feel really bad about the video that you are about to see. I thought that I was doing a fine job of teaching and reaching out to the masses of people, but they seemed to want to go the other way. I also fault Christians because they should have shown their love and supported me. You know Godly support doesn’t always have to deal with a collection plate and money. Yes, this video that you are about to see has gotten more view that the truth that I have posted.

Today, I was reading the bible. As you know I have read the bible cover to cover on at least two occasions (John 7:1-9). However, for some reason, I read the book of John and the seventh chapter and as soon as I got into the verse, I saw another chapter about Grace. The sad thing about it is that Jesus came so that we might have life and the right to the tree of life and everlasting life. He also says that to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ. I don’t know about you all, but for me BUT I HAVE ALL ETERNITY TO THINK ABOUT MY SOUL. I think about my soul everyday, even today.

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