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Entry for April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

Have a wonderful weekend. It is really beautiful here, in the greater Washington Metropolitan area. Again, for the second straight friday, it has been warm and beautiful. I have been meaning to get my 30 minute walk out… It is so invigorating and what ever you have on your mind, will leave your mind with the wind.

I got a response from my pleading against the local school board, the problem is that the school has a responsibility along with the government to provide an education to the child. Enough is already on my mind for now.

I still have custody of my kids. I am hoping that my daughter can graduate from the middle school. I believe that she has what it takes but she is so careless.

I was trying to analyze why the tribe of Judah had a King, was it forbidden in God’s eyes. Who were the tribe of Judah – of the Israelites.


Abishag (Shumalite), Joshua 19:18, 1 King 1:4; 1 King 2:17

Adonijah, son of Haggith, II Samuel 3:34, 1 King 1:5

Joab, son of Zeruiah (Captain of the Army), II Samuel 2:20:25, 1 Kings 2:22,28 and 1 King 19:9, 1 King 1:7, and 1 King 1:25

Abiathar, the priest II Sam 20:20-28, 1 Kings 2:22, 28, 1 King 1:9, 9, 7, 25

Zadok, the priest 1 Kings 4:18, II Sam 23:8; 1 Kings 1: 26,10, 19, 9, 8, 25

Benaiah, son of Jehoiada 1Kings 4:18, II Sam 23:8; 1 Kings 1:26, 10, 19, 9, 8, 25



Johnathan the son of Abiathar

Sons of Barzillai

Shimei, the son of Geral

The Shulamite, Cherethites, Pelethites, Gileadites and the Benjamites (Bahurim), and Mahanaim, tribes under a government that did not do all they could do to protect the children.

Act One: Joab hangs around Solomans’ half brother adonijah. Abiathar is a priest, he remains neutral wth adonijah and King David and his son Soloman. For this reason, King Soloman allows Abiathar, a priest, to live for the itnerim. HOwever, Soloman learns of Joab past conduct – how he slaughters cattle an the military. There seems to be an inter-war going on int he kingdom of David. Apparently, Joab ha broken the number one cardinal rule and that is that you should not slaughter the military of the people, the ruler over Israel and the tribe of Judah – King Davids military men. That is unheard of in America and it has a statute that protects the kids called § 37 U.S.C. et seq.

Stay tuned, as I finish the story line. Have a fabulous weekend, and God bless you. Remember manage your anger and no that God has you in the position you are in for a purpose. He is well able to deliver you….

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