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The chronicles of single parenting

June 17, 2008

It is so funny, when you try to help people with their sh***, and they are willing to drop it in your lap. Until you say, hey I am not as stupid as you think I am. Anything significant she cried don’t be in my business and I won’t be in your business, but you brought me into your business and your mess. I knew once it was a different county, it was time for me to sign off. People make me laugh because they listen to fals eprophets and they get offended. Matthew Chapter 13 and 18.

They have tried to commit me and my kids to the system, but it doesn’t work. The sad part about it, is those that were involved will have to deal with God’s vengeance. What trip me out was that she is a race person, she stood up to an innocent white woman and disrespected her, and so as a result they were asked to leave the hospital immediately. I told her if she talked like that to my racist family which are distant cousins then she would get herself hurt.

I had to make it very clear, it ain’t about arguing or thinking I am too good to catch the bus. I don’t want to go in other communities unless I absolutely have too… i have to be able to take of myself and the blessings from God’s promise shall flow from herein.

~ Thalia

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