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My culture: My style: Jul 30, 2008 – Equal Pay for Women

July 30, 2008

Should Congress Mandate Paycheck Fairness for Women?

The House will vote on a bill to increase penalties for pay discrimination against women and allow those who claim discrimination to sue employers for compensatory and punitive damages. Proponents say employers should be prevented from retaliating against employees who share salary information with each other and prove that pay disparities are due to factors that are related to the employee\’s job. Opponents say this legislation would expand government involvement in employment decisions, encourage a flood of litigation, and create disadvantages for a new group of employees by favoring white collar and service jobs over manual, blue collar work. Tell Congress and President Bush what you think about the role of government in determining salaries and equality in the workplace for women.
ACTION POLL: Should the Government Play a Role in Determining Women\’s Salaries?

Yes, Support the Paycheck Fairness Act for Women. No, Oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act for Women

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 00:09:29 -0500
Subject: Career Fitness Tips: What\’s on your \’Bucket List\’?


This past weekend I watched one of the best films I\’ve seen all year. It was The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. If you haven\’t seen it, I won\’t ruin the ending for you, but it involves two guys who both get the news they\’re dying of cancer and have just a few months to live. They put together a list of the things they want to accomplish before they die and because Nicholson\’s character is quite wealthy, they have the resources they need and set off on their quest. The rest of the story is funny and a little sad, even bringing a tear to the coach\’s eyes at the end (which rarely happens!).

Today I\’m thinking about my own bucket list – things I\’d like to do before having to answer the final bell. Here are some of them (and this list keeps growing):

* See Michelangelo\’s mural on the Sistine Chapel
* Run the New York Marathon
* Fight in a UFC mixed-martial arts event
* Shake hands with the President
* Climb Ayers Rock
* Sit on the 50 yard line for a Super Bowl game
* Speak in front of a crowd of 100,000
* Have my own TV show

Now I know it may seem a little morbid to put a list like this together. It\’s also impossible to know when your time may finally be up.

Who cares?

If you knew exactly when you were going to die, you\’d probably make the list. Since we don\’t know that, why not treat every day like it may be the last? That means working hard on important relationships, mending ones that are broken. It means doing things that will create lasting memories. Leaving a legacy. Dreaming big dreams and taking steps to realize them.

This week, why not put your own Bucket List together? At a minimum, it will help you reveal long time dreams. At best, it will be a great road map to help you navigate each day and allow you to give your very best to the people you care about the most.

Towards your Total Career Fitness,

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