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Entry for August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008

Now, if I could have anything in the world, I would want Keyshia Coles’ stylist, it’s never too much or too less for this Mary J look a like.

Edwards payments are caught,

Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child – Yahoo! News,

Gay teen,

Obama urges Iran to accept EU nuke proposal – Yahoo! News,

Shortcut to:

Summary: When considering a career, I believe that many people choose career paths for the wrong reasons. Money, status, participation in a family business. These are all valid reasons to choose a career, but it doesn’t mean that it will personally… View the entire entry:


Here’s a song I love from Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:

Close every door to me,
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light
Do what you want with me,
Hate me and laugh at me
Darken my daytime
And toture my night
If my life were important I
Would ask will I live or die
But I know the answers lie
Far from this world
Close every door to me,
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone
For I know I shall find
My own peace of mind
For I have been promised
A land of my own


Close every door to me,
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light

Just give me a number
Instead of my name
Forget all about me
And let me decay
I do not matter,
I’m only one person
Destroy me completely
Then throw me away
If my life were important I
Would ask will I live or die
But I know the answers lie
Far from this world

Joseph, Ensemble & Children

Close every door to me,
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone
For we know we shall find
Our own peace of mind
For we have been promised
A land of our own

Here���s the real story.

Bernie Mac’s Final Moments -Wife & Daughter By His Side

Posted by Sassy Smith

Although the world grieves the loss of a great comedian and actor, no one is feeling more devastated than Bernie Mac’s family. His wife Rhonda, of 30 years and his daughter Je’Niece, were by his side during his last moments. Rhonda’s sister spoke of their last, heartbreaking time together.

Mary Ann Grossett told PEOPLE of her sister and Bernie’s final time together:

The night before he passed away, Bernie struggled to breath. Mary Ann says, “He struggled for his life. He couldn’t breathe.”He opened his eyes on his own and looked at Rhonda. She called his name, and he opened his eyes and nodded to her. She smiled at him and told him, ‘Don’t leave me? ‘I’m waiting for you to come back.’ He shrugged his shoulders, and she said that’s when she knew he was tired. He signaled to her that his body was tired.”

Both Rhonda and Mac’s daughter were by his side when he died. Grossett continues, “[The doctors] were working on him. They tried to resuscitate him two times. One time he came back for about an hour. Then he went into cardiac arrest the second time.”

Mac and his wife had had non verbal communication for the last time on July 31. Sister-in-law Mary Ann says, “He told his wife [non-verbally] that he could breathe on his own, and he wanted the ventilator out. He motioned that he wanted it out.”

Gossett said that lung disease contributed to her brother-in-law’s death.

“He had sarcoidosis, but it was in remission,” she says. “But because he had it, his immune system was compromised. He had an infection … He was on a new medication that suppresses the immune system, and that’s where the pneumonia came from.”

Mac was admitted to the hospital on July 24 as he was having trouble breathing and running a fever. He was then diagnosed with pneumonia and placed on a ventilator.

Mac’s sister-in-law adds, “He was critically ill when he was in the hospital. He was in intensive care the whole time.” The 50-year-old comedian was kept sedated, and sometimes conscious but he contracted a second strain of pneumonia while admitted.

Mary Ann says of her sister’s reaction to Mac’s death, “She?s devastated. However, she’s at peace about his transition because of her faith in God. Her faith is what is sustaining her.”

Bernie and Rhonda were married in 1977 – they had a 30 year union, which in this day and age is rare and even more so in the ‘celebrity world.’ Their daughter made Mac granddaddy 21-months ago.

To read the rest of the interview with Bernie’s sister-in-law, go here.

Here are a couple of photos – Bernie’s daughter and her husband, and his grandbaby Jasmine.

Turkish soldiers killed in blast
Wed, 13 Aug 2008 03:35:42 +0900



Before you read this week’s Career Fitness Tip, I’d like to offer you a special gift. This past weekend I delivered a keynote address entitled “Personal Training for Total Career Success” at the University of Maryland. I recorded it and will probably offer it soon for sale but I thought you might enjoy it for the total cost of zero dollars! All I ask is that you shoot me a quick email and let me know what you think! If you’d like to download it, just go to:

You’ll be prompted for your name and password and then sent directly to the link. You can either listen right there online or download the file (an mp3) to your PC and load it into iTunes or your favorite player. I’m only going to keep the link open until Friday, August 15 so you might want to download it now so you won’t forget! Again, the link is:

…and NOW, on to this week’s tip!

In case you haven’t noticed, we are on the home stretch of summer. For me, summer usually ends on August 1 with the start of youth football. Between practices and weekend scrimmages, there is little room for downtime.

I don’t know about you, but I also look forward to the start of school. Time to get back on a regular schedule and have the business world turn to from the lazy days of summer. Regardless of how you feel about August, it does give us a ramp-up to the Fall that all of us should use to our benefit.

Take some time to think about your goals for Fall and Winter. September is normally slow out of the blocks but before you know it, we’ve hit Halloween (my personal favorite) and then it’s the quick rush to Thanksgiving which is only a brief speed bump on the full-out sprint to Christmas. If you’re not careful, you’ll put projects off just long enough to get into the rut of finishing “after the Holidays” or “in the New Year.”

In case you haven’t noticed, life seems to go by faster the older we get. I’d like all of us to make the most out of the Fall. To do that, I recommend the following for the remainder of August:

* Take that last vacation if you need it
* Make a list of every major event or project you have between September and January
* List the resources you’ll need to make the
event a success
* Set a time line now to keep each milestone
* Think about other goals you’d like to accomplish during that time
* Identify people or resources you’ll need
* Begin to engage those people
* Develop a plan for those goals
* Work the plan

I promise, if you’ll put in the planning now, you’ll find the Fall is the most productive time for you and you’ll still have time to get your shopping done, football games watched, and even have some margin in your schedule to watch the leaves turn.

Towards your Total Career Success,


ps. Don’t forget to download that free audio ok???? Get it at:

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The US is back in the lead of 54 medals, and China isn���t suppose to have one, metals in the olympics,

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