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My culture: My style for August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008

Gee wiz, I have been shut out of this page since like forever. Did you know that when a computer is unable to run a video and a software then it might shut down. Well that was what happened to me all last week. Everytime I came to edit the page or to look, the 360 page would shut down on me.

What’s a hot item right now is the Jonas Brothers, they have earned their following. I did not listen or pay attention to their huge following. I had no idea that they would last pass the Hannah Montana tour. I know that they are touring right now. I rated their last two video’s “SOS” which is really old, I know right I am just now catching up to the video and probably a new one which is “Burnin Up.”

I got 8 minutes left on this computer so this will be in parts. Have you ever felt like you were shut-up or shut-out (32:30 of the book of Deuteronomy). I am always like hey God, I am down here waiting on you. Sure I have avoided a few incidents of danger, strange people on the property of the church and public bus is hailed by several cops. Otherwise, my faith would be dampened and I would think that there are no repercussions to sin because there is no such thing as sin? Anyway, I will say this for the paragraph and that is I really don’t like to argue about politics because it always leads to racism or some kind of ism, which causes a lot of was. Nevertheless, the position is this and that is a person leads to politically that another person’s position is different or the same as your’s – in religion. As for me, I am described as a southern baptist, hardcore left-right wing, extreme wing liberal and conservative. I am also a Democrat but very liberal at times, more so than a republican. I may be a republican. I do believe that the Bible is the unadulterated truth and Gods word. I will be back for the next paragraph.

Keep me in prayer, as it has been very busy with litigation.

I like her music and this is a nice and simple song. I have some interesting choreography for this tune. This is like a rave party and this is a clique where no body is talking to anyone but who they know poor taste that leads back to black culture. AT the end, the light comes up and the red strobe lights lead to more lights and then she is the prima donna. I am going to stick with the more exciting JOnas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, now they are showing an older woman like Janet how to rock. Keep up the good work Janet, as I love the song that you and your brother created “I want to rock with you.” They will always be classics in my book.

“I love this video, I hear those African drums beating on this song.”

Here is the song that I love to listen to on the weekends, I can hear the african drums and I feel that the Jonas Brothers’ music is a gift, not just to the tweens out there. These young men have a bright future ahead of them and are really talented. They youngest can sing and dance and play an instrument (bass/guitar). The oldest is relaxed and plays the guitar/bass very well and he is definitely doing the heavy metal tunes. I don’t connect an african beat, the first and original beat but is rhythm transcends to all, lawyers, judges and anyone who has some serious work or research to do. Gee, I have been extended a total of 30 minutes. Yeah.

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