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Entry for September 03, 2008

September 3, 2008


Before you read this week’s Career Fitness Tip, I’d like to extend my offer of a special gift. Only about 100 people downloaded it and I think it’s because a lot of folks are still on vacation. Anyway, two weeks ago, I delivered a keynote address entitled “Personal Training for Total Career Success” at the University of Maryland. I recorded it and will probably offer it soon for sale but I thought you might enjoy it for the total cost of zero dollars! All I ask is that you shoot me a quick email and let me know what you think! If you’d like to download it, just go to:

You’ll be prompted for your name and password and then sent directly to the link. You can either listen right there online or download the file (an mp3) to your PC and load it into iTunes or your favorite player. I’m only going to keep the link open until Friday, August 22 so you might want to download it now so you won’t forget! Again, the link is:

And now, on to this week’s Career Fitness Tips…

Last Saturday, we spent the day at the Montgomery County Fair in Gaithersburg, MD. Now county fairs are not my favorite place in the world. In my opinion they’re kind of like a third-rate Disney park, nearly as expensive but ten times dirtier. My least favorite thing is the midway with all the throw-the-softball-at-the-milk-container games and the carnival callers trying desperately to get you to play.

In spite of it all, I did have a good time and my daughter placed 4th in the art exhibits. One thing at the fair did intrigue me though. At the end of the midway was Sampson, the “World’s Largest Horse.” Now it cost a dollar to see Sampson and while I had no intent of going in, the recording that played over and over to draw in the crowd almost got me to commit. Apparently, “Sampson is larger than a monster truck, eats 125 lbs of food per day and drinks 25 gallons of water. He is insured by Lloyds of London and is a pure wonder to observe. He was standing just behind the tent, just a few feet away and it only costs a dollar to see this wonder of the world.”

This played over and over. My kids begged me to let them go and I did. According to them (and the camera phone photo they snuck), Sampson was the real deal. He indeed lived up to the hype.

It made me think about performance management and self-assessment. All of us know it’s better to be confident than arrogant. I preach this to every one of my workshop attendees. It doesn’t hurt though to know how to talk about our accomplishments in such a way that our boss wants to listen.

Everything the recording told us about Sampson was real. It highlighted his features and accomplishments. There was no exaggeration and no boasting. It simply laid out the facts, in an enthusiastic way, and we all plunked down a dollar to see him.

Think about that this week as you prepare your NSPS Self-Assessment, your input for your performance review, or just update your accomplishment journal. Don’t be afraid to talk about your accomplishments. It’s not bragging if you describe facts in a humble but direct fashion. After all, if we don’t at least highlight our accomplishment, nobody will praise us. And don’t forget the most basic issue – are you doing things that make a difference at work that are worth highlighting?

Think about it this way. If you were standing behind the tent waiting to be seen, would there be enough exciting features about your work performance to make your boss want pay to see you?

I only hope Sampson gets a cut of the cash he earns!

Towards your Total Career Success,

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If they sign up, have them mention your name and I’ll send you a copy of my latest book “Endeavor to Persevere: 10 Steps to Create Breakthrough in Your Personal and Professional Life” at no charge! How does that sound?

pps. School starts in just 8 days! Is that not the BEST news you’ve heard all day???

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