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Entry for September 12, 2008

September 12, 2008

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AND DON’T FORGET TO : ■ ι η v ι т є ■

TA G Y OU \’R E I T! !


Fa ke F ri en ds : W ill i gn ore t hi s. S en d t hi s t o a t l ea st 5 peo ple in cl ud ing m e i f u c ar e.

(Be Sure To Read Past The Foot Prints)

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Foo tpr int s in y our

… .. .. .. .. .S AN D !

If y ou wake u p in a red ro om wi th no w ind ows and d oors, DON\’ T pani c… You\’re j ust in m y hea rt!!! Send this t o al l th e f riend s yo u want to ke ep forev er. ..If yo u get 7 ba ck you are LOVE D!!!



To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Sent: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 8:51 am

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

God of the Suddenlies – Today\’s Scripture

“I foretold the former things long ago, My mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass” (Isaiah 48:3).

Our God is a God of the suddenlies! Suddenly, He can turn your situation around. Suddenly, He can give you the break you need. You may have been dealing with the same problem for ten years. It may look like it’s never going to change, but in a split secon d, God can totally resolve it. No matter how long it’s been, no matter what you’re facing, you’ve got to believe that God is full of surprises. One touch of His favor and He can move the wrong people out of your life and move the right people into your life. One touch of God’s favor and He can take you from having barely enough to having more than enough. You may not see how it’s all going to work out, but you don’t have to figure it all out. Your part is to simply believe; to get up each day in faith, expecting God’s favor. Expect something good to happen to you today. Expect God to surprise you. Remember, He’s a God of the sudden lies and He can suddenly turn around any situation you may be facing!

A Prayer for Today

Father in heaven, today I come to You, giving You my cares and worries. I believe that You are working behind the scenes and expect You to suddenly turn things in my favor. Thank You for everything You are doing in my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

We cannot go=2 0back and have a new start, but we can start now and have a new ending.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE


The following is my one and only reference to politics.

Well at long last the speculation is over on running mates, the ornate and over-the-top conventions have ended, and we are ready to enter the final stretch to election day. Of course we can now expect to be inundated with political TV commercials, the scary music and ominous sounding narrators telling us why the other candidate will leave America poor, destitute, and at the mercy of terrorists and other threats. We can also look forward to suddenly-learned scandals, verbal gaffes by all candidates when they thought a microphone was turned off, slips of the tongue that manage to offend at least one group of the population, and one or two documents tying one or both candidates to some type of sordid deal someplace.

Somewhere in this process, we\’ll be expected to pick out our choice for President of the United States. It\’s a right and a privilege to vote. I\’m going to ask you to choose wisely. I\’m also not going to tell you who to vote for or who I\’m voting for.

Choosing wisely is something we have to do on a daily basis. It\’s not easy considering the forces that are out there to influence us. To help us, we need to first identify our values.

Values are those things we hold dearly to. Some have been with us since our early childhood while others are added along the way. We won\’t change our values although we can sometimes question WHY we have
the values. That\’s healthy.

Secondly, we need to be mindful of our attitudes. These are how we live out our values. Advertisers know we won\’t change our values, but we might change our attitudes. Political ads try to work our attitudes since experts know there\’s no hope of adjusting values. We might hate oil companies because they strike a nerve with our values, but an ad showing how oil companies are working to improve our environment might make us feel a little better in our dealings with them.

Third, we need to look at all aspects of a situation before making a decision. Deciding on a solution based on only one set of outcomes might reveal new problems or exacerbate existing ones. Consider all sides before making decisions. Look at short and long-term outcomes.

Now that you understand that, apply the same process to your choice for President. Don\’t vote blindly because you\’ve always voted for that party, are focusing on just one single issue, or are taken in by a particular look of the candidate or their background. This decision is way to important to be swayed by the press, the media, one single issue/viewpoint, or advertising agencies and focus groups. You\’ll have to live with your vote (as well as your daily business decisions) so make the most of it.

What do you think?

To your Total Career Fitness,

ps. Hey there 2 great job fairs coming up the week of September 15. The first is put on by the Military Officer\’s Association of America (MOAA) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center (Formerly, Washington, D.C. Convention Center) September 16, 2008, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. The second one is on Friday, September 19 at the Waterford Center in Springfield, VA. I\’ll actually be speaking at that one at both 8 and 9 AM on \”10 Things to Consider When Making a Career Transition.\” Please go to both fairs if you (or someone you care about) are in career transition right now. Get more information at and

Need to Write a Resume That\’ll Land You Your Dream Job? Get my FREE 35 Page report How to Write a Winning Resume today at

Malcolm O. Munro
The Career Fitness Coach
P.O. Box 1820 Germantown, MD 20875
Toll Free: (866) 575-2231
Metro/DC Area: (301) 576-0684
Fax: (301)685-6312

Visit me online at

Just got a layoff notice? I can help! Get my 30 Day Career Jumpstart Program at

Dear Beloved,


\”In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for noble purposes and some for ignoble. If a man cleanses himself from the latter, he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work\” (2 Timothy 2:20-21).

In the above passage, the Christendom is likened to a large house, and the individual Christians to vessels or instruments in the house. Some of these vessels are for noble purpose (or unto honour) while some are for ignoble purpose (or unto dishonour). What will make Christians be for noble purpose?

Only those who cleanse themselves continually from the entanglement of the world, confess their sins, and are ready to forsake them will be instruments for noble purpose. How can one do this? The Psalmist answered, \”…by living according to [God’s] word\” (Psalm 119: 9, cf. verses 94-105). The confession referred to here is not mere confession, but \”…godly sorrow [that] brings repentance that leads to salvation…\” (2 Corinthians 7: 9-10).

Simply, to make holy is to set apart for a special purpose, to dedicate, to consecrate, or to sanctify such a thing. That is what a Christian that wants to be for noble purpose should be. He should be a set-apart, consecrated, dedicated and sanctified person. God does this setting apart only when we have cleansed ourselves. This is a complex study that demands a lot of time to explain and comprehend (Titus 2: 13-14; Hebrews 10: 10; 1 Peter 1:15-16; Ephesians 4:24).

The usefulness of a Christian that want to be for noble purpose will be only to God in the sense that everything he is doing will be for God and for His glory (Colossians 3: 23; 1 Corinthians 10: 31). He will not want to be useful because of any other purpose either personal or whatever. It is noteworthy to see the word that Paul used for God in this verse (i.e. 2 Timothy 2: 21) – Master. Until we see God as our Master in the real sense of it, we cannot be useful unto Him, and we cannot be for noble purpose for Him. Many people want to be useful for God, but at their own leisure.

The Christian should also be ready to work. Working cannot make one to be a Christian, but we are saved to work. Take note that it is not just work, but ANY GOOD work. These works are \”… works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up\” (Ephesians 4:12). The preparation will be \”… in season and out of season\” (2 Timothy 4:2).

Are you for noble purpose, or you are just there in the household of God? Follow these four essentials of becoming honourable vessel unto God, and you will be a Christian for noble purpose for Him.

In His service,

Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor).

This is to inform you that the guest book of the new website of this online ministry is now fully activated. Visit it (http://www.thewordt hruthenet. org/guestbook/ index.php) and register your presence. God bless you!

Bayo Afolaranmi (Pastor).
+234 805 515 9591
http://www.thewordt hruthenet. org/
http://groups. group/spirituald igest2003/

I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will
have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted
in my body, whether by life or by death. FOR TO ME, TO LIVE IS CHRIST
AND TO DIE IS GAIN (Philippians 1:20-21, NIV).


Read this and make a copy for your
files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company.

1. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead, put \”PHOTO ID REQUIRED.\”

2. When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account number on the \”For\” line. Instead, just put the last four numbers The credit card company knows the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as it passes through all the check processing channels won\’t have access to it.

3. Put your work phone on your checks! Instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box, use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address. Never have your SS! # printed on your checks. (DUH!) You can add it if it is necessary. But if you have it printed, anyone can get it.

4. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine. Do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. You will know what you had in your wallet and all of the account numbers and phone numbers to call and cancel. Keep the photocopy in a safe place. I also carry a photocopy of my passport when I travel either here or abroad. We\’ve all heard horror stories about fraud that\’s committed on us in stealing a name, address, Social Security number, credit cards.

Unfortunately, I, an attorney, have firsthand knowledge because my wallet was stolen last month. Within a week, the thieve(s) ordered an expensive monthly cell phone package, applied for a VISA credit card, had a credit line approved to buy a Gateway computer, received a PIN number from DMV to change my driving record information online, and more. But here\’s some critical information to limit the damage in case this happens to you or someone you know:

5. We have been told we should cancel our credit cards immediately. But the key is having the toll free numbers and your card numbers handy so you know whom to call. Keep those where you can find them.

6. File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where your credit cards, etc., were stolen. This proves to credit providers you were diligent, and this is a first step toward an investigation (if there ever is one).

But here\’s what is perhaps most important of all: (I never even thought to do this.)

7. Call the 3 national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and also call the Social Security fraud line number. I had never heard of doing that until advised by a bank that called to tell me an application for credit was made over the Internet in my name. The alert means any company that checks your credit knows your information was stolen, and they have to contact you by phone to authorize new credit.

By the time I was advised to do this, almost two weeks after the theft, all the damage had been done. There are records of all the credit checks initiated by the thieves\’ purchase, none of which I knew about before placing the alert. Since then, no additional damage has been done, and the thieves threw my wallet away this weekend (someone turned it in). It seems to have stopped them dead in their tracks.

Now, here are the numbers you always need to contact about your wallet, etc., that has been stolen:

1.) Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
2.) Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
3.) Trans Union : 1-800-680-7289
4.) Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-0271

We pass along jokes on the Internet; we pass along just about everything.

If you are willing to pass this information along, it could really help someone that you care about.

Todd Palin No Poster Boy for Native Alaskans

Posted by: \”Victoria\” bayarea_uk

Sun Sep 7, 2008 10:30 pm (PDT)

Todd Palin No Poster Boy for Yup´ik Eskimos or other Native Alaskans
September 07, 2008
There was the ever so fleeting moment during her speech at the
Republican National Convention when Republican vice presidential
candidate Sarah Palin paid tribute to hubby Todd. She lightly mentioned
that he´s of Yup´ik Eskimo background. Todd Palin beamed with
pride at the acknowledgement in front of the packed convention crowd and
in front one of the largest TV audiences to ever watch a candidate´s
convention speech. But the cheering convention participants and millions
of viewers won´t see the same smiles on scores of other of Palin´s
Yup´ik Eskimos and many other Native Alaskans.

They make up nearly 20 percent of Alaska´s population. A devastating
report by the Alaska Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights
Commission in 2002, \” Racism´s Frontier: The Untold Story of
Discrimination and Division in Alaska\” painted a picture of decades long
economic misery, discrimination, neglect and alienation for Native
Alaskans in Palin´s state.

VP candidate Palin boasted that she squeezed the oil and gas industry
for billions that have enriched the state´s businesses, residents,
and boosted employment in some communities. That prosperity hasn´t
touched many Native Alaskans. Overall one fifth of Native Alaskans are
below the poverty line. In some rural villages their jobless rate tops
80 percent. Despite sheaths of anti-discrimination laws, and even an
affirmative action plan for special needs military veterans, on the
books in Alaska, discrimination against Native Alaskans is rampant.

The Alaska Human Rights Commission notes that discrimination complaints
jumped more than fifty percent in a seven year period in the late 1990s.
Many of those complaints didn´t come from Native Alaskans. Native
Alaskan leaders bluntly told civil a civil rights commission community
forum in 2001 that they simply didn´t trust the system.

Native Alaskans are more likely to be sicker and have less access to
quality, affordable health care than whites. Their infant mortality is
more than double that of whites. Their tuberculosis rate is more than
twenty times higher than whites. Civil rights commission studies
attributed the appalling health statistics to overcrowded and
insufficiently ventilated housing, impure water supplies, in
waste disposal systems, and general malnutrition.

The racial disparities between Native Alaskans and whites are even more
glaring in public education and the criminal justice system. Native
Alaskans are slightly more than 12 percent of the state´s public
school students. They make up more than one quarter of school drop-outs,
and are at rock bottom in their achievement scores in reading and math.
Native Alaskans make up a paltry five percent of the teachers and
administrators. Many of the students are taught exclusively by white
teachers in grossly under-funded rural public schools. Many of the
teachers have little understanding of or sensitivity to Aleut, Yup\’ik,
and Indian culture and language.

Then there are the soaring prison numbers. Native Alaskan males make up
less than ten percent of the state´s population, but are nearly forty
percent of those behind bars. Despite the outsized disproportionate jail
numbers, the civil rights commission found that Native Alaskans are
underrepresented in jobs in the child welfare system, legal system, and
juvenile justice system.

The criminal justice system disparities are a double edged sword for
Native Alaskans. While they are far more likely to be incarcerated than
whites, they are also far more likely than whites to suffer rape,
domestic violence and homicide. Native Alaskans bitterly complain of
laxity by the police and the courts in finding and punishing those who
victimize Native Alaskans. Many homicides of Native Alaskans have
remained unsolved.

The violence rate against Native Alaskans is so high that some violence
prevention experts say that some of the crimes against Native Alaskans
could be tagged as hate crimes. Alaska state legislators for a brief
time toyed with the idea of enacting a hate crimes law with greater
sentencing enhancements. That went nowhere. Even if the legislature had
acted, Governor Palin gave a strong hint what its fate would likely be
if it landed on her desk. During the 2006 gubernatorial campaign she
told the Eagle Forum that she opposed expanded hate crime legislation.
She branded all heinous crimes as hate crimes.

State Equal Rights Commission officials have complained that the
legislature gutted the commission’s budget and cut staff. Their
complaints fell on deaf ears. Despite the well documented widespread
discrimination and disparities against Native Alaskans there is no
public record that Governor Palins’ has gone to bat for increased funding
for the Commission.

In report on the plight of Native Alaskans, the U.S. Civil Rights
Commission called for massive increases in spending on job and skills
training and programs to boost employment, improve education and public
services. The commission called for sweeping reforms in the criminal
justice and health care systems. The recommendations were made four
years before Palin took office. Other than a brief mention of diversity
in her gubernatorial campaign speech in 2006, there is no evidence that
Palin has said or done anything about the commission’s
recommendations. If she had it would have put a beam on the faces of
thousands of Yup´ik Eskimos who aren’t named Todd Palin.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His new book
is The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House
(Middle Passage Press, February 2008).

Sent: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 3:07 pm
Subject: Don\’t bug the weatherman!


Dear Seymour, Q. I have employed every tactic I can think of trying to find a job in my specialty, with no luck. Do you have any advice on how I can open up new opportunities for my career?… View the entire entry:

\”An increasing number of workers are making their commutes more productive by using the latest gadgets and technologies, turning this traditional \”down time\” into a way to get their \”to do\” list under control. Check out a list of our… View the entire entry:

Dear Seymour, I am weeks away from beginning my maternity leave from work. I have growing anxiety about the long absence from work and worry that I will return to a mess. Do you have any advice on how…
View the entire entry:

A very nice story….


Black bears typically have two cubs, rarely one or three. In 2007, in northern New Hampshire, a black bear sow gave birth to five healthy young. There were two or three reports of sows with as many as four cubs but five was, and is, extraordinary. I learned of them shortly after they emerged from their den and set myself a goal of photographing all five cubs with their mom, no matter how much time and effort was involved. I knew the trail they followed on a fairly regular basis, usually shortly before dark. After spending nearly four hours a day, seven days a week, for six weeks I had that once in a lifetime opportunity and photographed them in the shadows and dull lighting of the evening. Due to these conditions the photograph is a bit noisy as I had to use the equivalent of a very fast film speed on my digital camera. The print is properly focused and well exposed with all six bears posing as if they were in a studio for a family portrait. (Read on….)

I stayed in touch with other people who saw the bears during the summer and into the fall hunting season. All six bears continued to thrive. As time for hibernation approached, I found still more folks who had seen them and everything remained OK. I stayed away from the bears as I was concerned that they might become habituated to me, or to people in general, as approachable friends. This could be dangerous for both man and animal. After Halloween I received no further reports and could only hope the bears survived until they hibernated.

This spring, before the snow disappeared, all six bears came out of their den and wandered the same familiar territory they trekked in the spring of 2007. I saw them before mid April and dreamed nightly of taking another family portrait, an improbable second once in a lifetime photograph. On April 25, 2008 I achieved my dream. (Read on…)

When something as magical as this happens between man and animal Native Americans say, We have walked together in the shadow of a rainbow.

And so it is with humility and great pleasure that I share these photos with you.

Sincerely, Tom Sears

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