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Entry for September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008

Here we are again, it\’s the end of the month. I am busy. Just as I think that things are going to slow down, well it doesn\’t. What can I say for myself this month. Other than going in and out of crisis mode. I can\’t say much, I haven\’t had much of any achievements. Yet, I have had so many heartaches, hurdles, hardtimes and headaches. The headaches aren\’t as bad as they were this summer, as you know they can get pretty bad because of a 1992 car accident, that makes me feel like arthritis and then some.

I kind of have the zodiac and astrology feeling. I feel like when you are a star then you are a star. I can be pretty delightful and it is good because I have had to interact with many people.

I was listening to a song the other day and it was talking about the heartache and the abundance of joy that God wants to give you. I think that song was saying that when you seek something that he hasn\’t given you then it is not going to work out. Most of all, like is not going to be without hardship, disappointment and struggles that feed your discouragement and apprehension; however, God gives you understanding and peace.

You can\’t get joy doing something out of the will of God. Only God can surpass all the peace and understanding that you need to get you through the hardtimes and heartaches.

It\’s been really an adventure for me. I have learned how to listen to the dating chat line without an adverstisement. I have learned that you can keep a voice mail box without having a advertisement or a greeting. The technology makes it really easy for people to keep in touch and keep tabs on the person that they want to meet. I am really shy and so it requires that you spend an adequate amount of time getting to know me. I would say that I make it worth the persons time. Often times, I have feelings for the person after they are gone.

In ending, I have met a boat load of black guys by way of phone that want to waste your time because they are too chicken to say that they are not interested. As for the white guys, I love their pronounciation and diction, they are very articulate and speak lively — so for me it\’s a turn on, since I am bi-racial. I learned that I was bi-racial while doing a genealogy search, there was too much going on to give it to one race, although my Dad will tell you in a minute that he is a black guy. My mom\’s side has tried to rewrite my history and lied to me about my heritage and even hidden pivotal instances of my heritage that made history.

For this reason I will start a news letter called the sons of Clark. The news letter will talk about my connection to the Levites and the Tribes of the Nation of Israel. Most of all, I learned that Sanders is an original name of the tribe of Saxon, as in Anglo-Saxon. A small tribe that spoke the English language that flourishes in business and many countries throughout the world, to this very present day.

Well wish me luck, most of the people you meet sincerely want to hear a nice voice and if they get a chance and the time then they want to hangout. I have such an all around personality that I have life long friends. They do want to hangout but they understood that I had kids and did not want put them in childcare while I run the street. Isn\’t that so so sweet of him or them. Currently in my quest for adventure and the thrill of reading and listening to who you are and what you want I found a guy who has never had his own. I have great feelings for him and when he gets the chance and doesn\’t make any bad decisions then he will do well. He just needs a little taste of independence. As for me, it does not spell a relationship, but we are both very much attracted to the other.

Gotta go, and I will talk with you later. I am just glad that I give the transvestites a way to go so that the guys don\’t feel they have to talk to a prostitute or a he-be-she-be.

~ Thalia

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Prayer Requests for
September 25, 2008

President Bush has called for the federal government to provide a financial response to the current economic crisis; Senator McCain and Senator Obama will join him at the White House today, along with congressional leaders of both parties. Pray for the President, the candidates, Treasury Secretary Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Senate Banking Committee Chair Dodd and others as they seek the best way to respond; pray for wisdom and for a spirit of great understanding and cooperation as they work together. Pray also for all struggling with setbacks due to the poor economy.

Pray for President Bush as he meets today with Michel Suleiman, President of Lebanon, and later, with Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority. He will also meet with Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India. Pray for God���s guidance and strength in each of these meetings.

Give thanks for the many encounters President and Mrs. Bush had during the United Nations General Assembly held this week in New York City. Pray for the continued strengthening of relationships and for God���s will to come from this important event.

Pray for President Bush as on 10/3 he speaks to participants of the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy, being held 10/1-3 in Reno, NV. Ask God to guide these leaders as they consider the expansion and enhancement of hunting opportunities and the management of game species and their habitat.

Pray for conveners of the presidential debates as Senator John McCain has withdrawn from Friday���s debate. He was set to meet Senator Barack Obama in the first of three presidential debates this Friday, 9/26 at the University of Mississippi in Oxford with a focus on foreign policy and national security. Pray for wisdom as organizers seek a time to re-schedule the debate.

Pray for Senator Biden and Governor Palin as they meet fo
r the only vice presidential debate 10/2 at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Pray for each one as they prepare and discuss matters of importance to their campaigns. Pray for godly wisdom for both, for strong interest on the part of citizens and for views and abilities to be appropriately portrayed.

Pray for the members of the U.S. Supreme Court as they begin hearing oral arguments for the new term on 10/6���for godly wisdom, health and clarity for each one.

Give thanks that most Hurricane Ike evacuees have returned to their homes and power has been restored to most homes and businesses, with the exception of greater Galveston. Pray for grace as residents return, particularly for those who have lost loved ones, homes or possessions, asking God to strengthen each community and its helping agencies���that His love will be lived out in the actions of others.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month! Pray for the pastors of our nation as they serve with faithfulness and dedication, asking God to encourage and bless them. Pray for parishioners to find creative and thoughtful ways to honor their pastors, youth pastors, children���s ministry workers and all ministry staff. Pray especially for those who are struggling. Click HERE for a free eCard you can email to your pastor or other ministry person.

Give thanks for the success of See You at the Pole, a nationwide, student-led prayer gathering that involved thousands of students across North America. Pray for those who participated to continue the habit of prayer for their school and their country, and pray for a deepening of the commitment to prayer on campuses.

Pray for our troops as they serve the causes of freedom and liberty in many places around the world. Pray for those who are in harm���s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, and pray for contractors who also encounter great risk as they help rebuild vital infrastructures.

Last Week\’s Poll Results

Has The Presidential Prayer Team caused you to pray more often this year for the presidential election than you otherwise would have without it?




Take This Week\’s PPT Poll

Did Senator John McCain make the right decision by suspending his campaign to deal with the financial crisis in Washington?

As the economy struggles, Greg A. urges us to put our self-worth in God. Clergy Appreciation Month is coming���make your plans now and use our beautiful eCard to tell your pastor of your appreciation. Rick Warren tells what to look for in a presidential candidate. Read it here!

The Justices of the U.S.
Supreme Court

The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court 2006. Top row: Stephen G. Breyer, Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Samuel A. Alito. Bottom row: Anthony M. Kennedy, John Paul Stevens, John G. Roberts, Antonin G. Scalia, and David H. Souter.

Chief Justice John Roberts
Justice Samuel A. Alito

Justice Stephen G. Breyer
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
Justice Antonin G. Scalia
Justice David H. Souter
Justice John Paul Stevens
Justice Clarence Thomas

Inspirational Reference

It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night, to the music of the ten-stringed lyre and the melody of the harp. For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord; I sing for joy at the works of your hands.
���The Bible, Psalm 92:1-4 (NIV)

We don���t know who it will be, but we know one thing, in this, the greatest country in the world, whoever is elected President in November will need our prayers.

Shortly after taking office, President Harry Truman said to reporters: \”Boys, if you ever pray, pray for me now.��� Truman understood the importance of prayer to the presidency. Whoever is elected, he will need our prayers as he leads. Offer your commitment to pray HERE.

Presidential Quote

Portrait courtesy of the White House Historical Society.

From their religious faith, the Founding Fathers enunciated the most fundamental law of human progress since the Sermon on the Mount, when they stated that man received from the Creator certain inalienable rights, and that these rights should be protected from the encroachment of others by law and justice.
���Herbert Hoover, 1951 on Edward R. Murrow���s Radio Series This I Believe

To Debate or Not to

Wednesday afternoon, Senator John McCain announced that he was suspending his campaign to return to Washington to help work on the financial bailout crisis. He implied that he would not be available for the first scheduled presidential debate on Friday, September 26. Senator Barack Obama suggested that the debate should continue, and that he will be available to help with the bailout plan if needed. Read more.

40 Days Left to Pray!
Our very popular 40 Days to Pray the Vote campaign enters its final cycle today! Be sure to tell others about it, or sign up for this meaningful effort if you have not yet done so. Sign up here.

Our very popular 40 Days to Pray the Vote initiative begins its final 40 days today! When you sign up for this key initiative, we���ll send you an email every morning with a simple Scripture verse, a short prayer and an inspiring photo that will encourage you as you pray! Click HERE to learn more.

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