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My culture: My style @ September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008

Here we are again, it\’s the end of the month. I am busy. Just as I think that things are going to slow down, well it doesn\’t. What can I say for myself this month. Other than going in and out of crisis mode. I can\’t say much, I haven\’t had much of any achievements. Yet, I have had so many heartaches, hurdles, hardtimes and headaches. The headaches aren\’t as bad as they were this summer, as you know they can get pretty bad because of a 1992 car accident, that makes me feel like arthritis and then some.

I kind of have the zodiac and astrology feeling. I feel like when you are a star then you are a star. I can be pretty delightful and it is good because I have had to interact with many people.

I was listening to a song the other day and it was talking about the heartache and the abundance of joy that God wants to give you. I think that song was saying that when you seek something that he hasn\’t given you then it is not going to work out. Most of all, like is not going to be without hardship, disappointment and struggles that feed your discouragement and apprehension; however, God gives you understanding and peace.

You can\’t get joy doing something out of the will of God. Only God can surpass all the peace and understanding that you need to get you through the hardtimes and heartaches.

It\’s been really an adventure for me. I have learned how to listen to the dating chat line without an adverstisement. I have learned that you can keep a voice mail box without having a advertisement or a greeting. The technology makes it really easy for people to keep in touch and keep tabs on the person that they want to meet. I am really shy and so it requires that you spend an adequate amount of time getting to know me. I would say that I make it worth the persons time. Often times, I have feelings for the person after they are gone.

In ending, I have met a boat load of black guys by way of phone that want to waste your time because they are too chicken to say that they are not interested. As for the white guys, I love their pronounciation and diction, they are very articulate and speak lively — so for me it\’s a turn on, since I am bi-racial. I learned that I was bi-racial while doing a genealogy search, there was too much going on to give it to one race, although my Dad will tell you in a minute that he is a black guy. My mom\’s side has tried to rewrite my history and lied to me about my heritage and even hidden pivotal instances of my heritage that made history.

For this reason I will start a news letter called the sons of Clark. The news letter will talk about my connection to the Levites and the Tribes of the Nation of Israel. Most of all, I learned that Sanders is an original name of the tribe of Saxon, as in Anglo-Saxon. A small tribe that spoke the English language that flourishes in business and many countries throughout the world, to this very present day.

Well wish me luck, most of the people you meet sincerely want to hear a nice voice and if they get a chance and the time then they want to hangout. I have such an all around personality that I have life long friends. They do want to hangout but they understood that I had kids and did not want put them in childcare while I run the street. Isn\’t that so so sweet of him or them. Currently in my quest for adventure and the thrill of reading and listening to who you are and what you want I found a guy who has never had his own. I have great feelings for him and when he gets the chance and doesn\’t make any bad decisions then he will do well. He just needs a little taste of independence. As for me, it does not spell a relationship, but we are both very much attracted to the other.

Gotta go, and I will talk with you later. I tell you no lie when I say I weigh a 172 pounds, it appears that it\’s all in the ass and breast. That means that I lost 20 pounds during the spring, and I like what I see as I am still small except in my breast and hips, at least I don\’t have a stomach. I am just glad that I give the transvestites a way to go so that the guys don\’t feel they have to talk to a prostitute or a he-be-she-be.

~ Thalia

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