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Look at me, Thalia’s ministral man assessment

October 8, 2008

You said…..

I love my skin complexion but due to racism it is a burden.

I think that it is a very nice and unique color. God gave me matching eyes and matching hair.

I am still very much connected to Cherokee. I do whatever it is that I can with them.

I may be the worst racist, but I only respond to it.

Yes, but I traced mine, even though it was stolen from me.

She said…..

Let me give you some snippets from this side of out e-mails.

You are a person of color, not a black woman. Dearest, someone had to be in your lineage
You black bash every time we speak
You are part Cherokee, your ancestors are on the Rolls
You tried to get more connected and saw there wasn’t much there for you – they weren’t offering anything valuable in your eyes
You are Scottish
Yeah, you love the strong image and history that comes with that
You are royalty
“I have always kind of felt as if I’m perfect” Say what? You want the finer things in life, we all do.
You are Jewish
Praise the Lord, you are connected to the line of Jesus Himself! Go back far enough and we all are. With Jews comes money (the valuable things the Cherokee couldn’t offer you – the strong image of the Scottish – the wealth of Royalty)

You act as if you are ashamed of your skin, Thalia. You bash Blacks until it’s politically convenient to cry racism. Truth be known? You are very possibly the worst racist I know.

Adj. 1. done – having finished or arrived at completion
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