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Jesus is Love, I know his love is real to me!!!!!

October 9, 2008


Each day the financial news gets worse. I\’m doing a workshop in Florida this week and people in the hotel bar are watching CNN with the interest and tenacity of a close football game. Experts are speculating left and right (figuratively and politically) on what to do. I didn\’t even get a clear answer from John McCain or Barak Obama in the debates last night.

What is the answer?

I have no clue.

When I have no clue (and that happens often) then I focus on what I do know. Here\’s what I know.

People still have jobs and people are still hiring. If you have a job, you need to work extra hard right now and be noticecd. If layoffs come, the highest salaries and non-critical jobs go first. Then, the lower 1/3 is fair game. If you fall into any of these categories, then get busy.

* Start adding value by being creative, working effectively, and coming up with ideas on how to stay viable as a business.

* Get your resume together and get someone to coach you on how to make it stronger (

* Identify and start working your networks now. Don\’t contact people when you need something, do it now!

If you\’re looking for work, be diligent. Be professional. Be the best candidate. With more competition, you\’re ability to rise to the top depends on your ability to be the most professional candidate. Get my book Marketing Yourself for Your Dream Job: How to Get the Job and Career You\’ve Always Wanted at if you need help here.

Hang in there and keep your chin up. Worry about what you can fix and not on what you can\’t .

Towards your SURVIVAL and Total Career Success,

ps. If you happen to be a spiritual person (or are thinking about it), I can\’t think of a better time than now to pray, can you?
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Welcome to this week\’s edition of Career Fitness Tips. You can see this on at video on YouTube at:

Last week we learned the best way to get job security was to ADD VALUE to your current organization. Adding value is done by:

* Solving problems
* Helping your employer make money
* Getting along well with others.

This week we\’ll focus on the first one.

I\’m sure most of us benefit from the fact we regularly solve problems. Our normal week probably includes at least one work-related problem per day and a host of problems at home. With regular practice, we\’ve probably gotten pretty good at it. The key though is the type of problems we solve and the longevity of the solutions. The best way to gauge our ability is to look at the two types of problems most of us encounter.

1. Short Term – These are problems that give us headaches in the moment and come without warning. These could be a moderate annoyance or a critical issue that can cause great harm. The solutions to these problems are quick and result in instant abatement of the problem. Examples could be a shortage of material, a machine that stops working, or a crucial staff member that calls in sick at the last moment.

2. Long Term – These are chronic problems that have a history of plaguing us. They may be mild in nature or severe enough to cause hate and discontent but are somewhat systemic in nature, meaning we don\’t know why the problem is here or where it came from, we just want it gone! Examples could be a useless and time-consuming meeting or an archaic approval system that takes forever to come through.

3. Process problems – These are issues with a system itself. A key supply or component takes too long to come in when ordered or service and repair work never seems to get done on time. It could be related to an inflated performance management system or even the way promotions are awarded.

4. People problems – These are issues that directly relate to a specific person or group of people. This normally focuses on attitude and behaviors that are caustic and disruptive.

Now the question is: How do we solve these problems?

First, you\’ll need to accurately diagnose the problem. Figure out which one it is before jumping in to solve. Next, you\’ll need to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. There\’s no point solving a symptom – find the main cause and solve it. Think about tools like a Fishbone Diagram. Finally, look for a long-term solution. Short term solutions merely push the real solution down the line either handing it off to someone else or allowing it to grow in strength and plague you in the future.

If you make a point of identifying one chronic problem per day (and this means not whining about it!), that would be a start. SOLVING the problem would make you an all-star, and as we discussed last week, all-stars have job security, if not with a current employer, then certainly with a strong competitor.

This week, think about how you\’ll apply this information.


Get great career help on video today at!

Malcolm O. Munro
The Career Fitness Coach
P.O. Box 1820 Germantown, MD 20875
Toll Free: (866) 575-2231
Metro/DC Area: (301) 576-0684
Fax: (301)685-6312

Visit me online at

Need some instant career motivation? Get my no-cost report 7 Steps to Total Career Fitness now at

A visitors comes to your church. They walk in, they do not know anyone or what to expect yet, they have come to your congregation wanting to worship. Sometimes they are looking for a church home, sometimes a place to come into contact with God. What they really, really want is a friendly face, a warm handshake, and…well…a friend. Your congregation is probably very friendly, but unless these guests are greeted and helped within the first few seconds in your building, they will not think of your church as a friendly one. Here is a plan, step-by-step, \’do this, then do this, then do this.\’ Your plan for greeting guests and maintaining a greeters ministry is here. Ready to go by Sunday. Don\’t wait. Check this out. In Him, –Curt Gunz P.S. There will be visitors at church this Sunday, will you be ready? Summer is when people look for a church home (they want to get settled before school starts)

Who isn\’t related to the royal family, Palin\’s Famous Family Ties Revealed ?????

Summary: \”Election tim
e can bring out the most passionate of political enthusiasts. However, some patriotic workers may find that their colleagues remember them for their political affiliation and not their quality of work. Be sure to keep your political beliefs in… View the entire entry:

Summary: I recently read an article about punctuality in the workplace, and it donned on me that on-time performance seems to have gone my the wayside, a la business casual. Many employees have taken for granted or become just plain lazy… View the entire entry:

10/3/2008 3:17:59 PM How the bailout passed, Financial Post Published: 10/3/2008 3:17:59 PM A rundown of the changes to the original US$700-billion asset rescue plan bill read more Related links Bush signs landmark $700B bailout legislation Harper chides U.S. for bailout \’panic\’ Wachovia rescue sparks takeover rumble Markets focus on the long, tough road ahead Wall St falls to session lows, Nasdaq off 4% Senate puts financial bailout back on track Tories have no plans for short-term economic fix, finance minister says Presented by NTSB:

Remains found at Steve Fossett wreckage site – Yahoo! News ============================================================

This has been going on since I couldn\’t get my credit card, laugh on line, Wall Street tumbles amid global sell-off: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance, ============================================================ From: Fanhouse NFL Blog URL: Sent from: ( Sent to: Comments: ——————————————————————————– Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson Out Shopping For Rings 10-02-2008 After the loss to the Redskins, the Terrell Owens situation and now a near-bye week with the 0-4 Bengals heading to town, apparently, it is the perfect time for Tony Romo to be ring shopping for the little lady, Jessica Simpson. Hottest Sports Couples Hall of Famer John Elway and ex-Raider cheerleader Paige Green Relationship Status: Recently engaged to be married Evan Agostini, AP US star Michael Phelps and Aussie gold medalist Stephanie Rice Relationship Status: Rumored to have \”swapped spit\” at a party outside the Olympic Village Getty Images for Speedo Eagles wideout Hank Baskett and Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson Relationship Status: Reportedly dating and engaged Getty Images / FilmMagic Tennis star Andy Roddick and fashion model Brooklyn Decker Relationship Status: Currently engaged Getty Images Islanders player Mike Comrie and actress Hilary Duff Relationship Status: Currently dating Noel Vasquez, Getty Images Los Angeles Kings player Jarret Stoll and model Rachel Hunter Relationship Status: Reportedly engaged Jeffrey Mayer, Tennis legend Boris Becker and jewelry designer Sandy Meyer-Woelden Relationship Status: Reportedly engaged Getty Images (2) 1999 Playmate of the Year Heather Kozar and former NFL QB Tim Couch Relationship Status: Married since 2005, with one son Sam Riche, Getty Images NBA star Richard Jefferson and former Nets dancer Kesha Nichols Relationship Status: Currently engaged M. Von Holden, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz and adult film star Jenna Jameson Relationship Status: Dating since 2006 Jesse Grant, Getty Images for IMG The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Simpson and Romo were seen out at Neiman Marcus in Dallas looking at some large hardware for the left hand, with Joe Simpson supposedly standing in the shoe department with a sniper rifle pointed directly at the salesperson\’s head*. One of my best Dallas snoops just happened to be in the original Neiman Marcus in Big D, shortly after Jessica Simpson and main man and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo were in the store checking out big sparklers – the kind women wear on their left-hand ring finger. I\’m hearing the couple are talking about a winter wedding. Dallas fans can relax. The happy twosome are said to be planning to tie the knot well after the end of the NFL season, including the Super Bowl – should the Cowboys make it to the big game in Tampa, Fla. I have no idea what a \”snoop\” is but I\’m assuming it\’s a person that follows important people around in hopes of landing some interesting news. In this case, nice job Snoop snoop. It is crazy that this relationship has withstood the amounts of media attention (like this article, for example) and gossip that it has, so the two must really like each other. Simpson is doing her best to appear as country as possible and Romo is doing his best to appear as normal as possible. When the two finally do tie the knot and have that video at the rehearsal dinner where they show all of the goofy pictures of them growing up and being funny and making silly faces, I hope Romo\’s friends put together a fun little exhibition while the Simpson camp just shows \”Blonde Ambition.\” As one of the 47 people that saw the movie, it is comedy freakin\’ gold. (Also, when \”The Love Guru\” is how highlights your acting career, things ain\’t been so good.) But in all seriousness, if the female lead of the \”Dukes of Hazzard\” and the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback can\’t make it, what hope do any of us have for love? * = the sniper rifle might have been an exaggeration ============================================================

Some House \’no\’ votes turning to \’yes\’ on bailout – Yahoo! News ============================================================ Justice: What would you do ���? If they wrongly accuse your bad neighbor���s son of robbing a flat that you know your cousin had robbed? Would you tell your uncle and relieve your conscience, compensate the man with money, or just keep silent because he deserves Allah���s punishment? Justice: The theme of this episode is justice. Allah says, ���Our Lord, in no way have You created this untruthfully. All Extolment be to You!��� (TMQ[2], 3:191). Ibnul-Qayyim says, ���Unity and justice are the utmost of perfection in the attributions of Allah (SWT[3])\’.\’ Yet, there are many tough situations where justice is not that easy. We keep complaining��� but justice is a duty as it is a right: The Prophet (SAWS) says that seven stand in the shade of Allah, when there is no shade but His; among them is a just leader. This is a call for all the leaders in our nations. The Prophet (SAWS) said that a just leader gets the most thawab[4] in this world. I dedicate to them a statement by Ibn-Taymiyah that Allah (SWT) establishes the just nation even if it were a rejecter of faith and does not establish the oppressing nation even if it were Muslim. Allah (SWT) says, ��� Surely Allah commands to justice and fairness and bringing (charity) to a near kinsman, and He forbids obscenity and malfeasance and iniquity���\’\’ (TMQ, 16: 90) and He says, ���Surely Allah commands you to pay deposits back to their qualified family (i.e. the owners) and, when you judge among mankind, that you judge with justice. How favorable is that to which Allah surely admonishes you\’\’ (TMQ, 4:58). Allah also says, ���O you who have believed, be constantly upright for Allah, witnesses with equity, and let not antagonism of a people provoke you to not do justice. Do justice; that (Literally: it) is nearer to piety\’\’ (TMQ, 5:8) and, ���O you who have believed, be constantly upright with equity (with others), witnesses for Allah, even if it be agains
t yourselves or (your) parents and nearest kin. In case (the person) is rich or poor, then Allah is the Best Patron for both. So do not ever follow prejudice, so as to do justice; and in case you twist or veer away, then surely Allah has been Ever-Cognizant of whatever you do.��� (TMQ, 4:135) Can you now answer the ���what would you do��� question? Think and contemplate what Allah says, ���And as for the inequitable, then they are firewood for Hell.��� (TMQ, 72:15). To all those who were unjust to a wife, son or anyone else, you should know that the inequitable are firewood for hell. Allah (SWT) says, ���And do not confound the Truth with the untruth and do not keep back the Truth and you know (it)��� (TMQ, 2:42), and Allah says, ���And do not keep back the testimony; and whoever keeps it back, then surely his heart is vicious��� (TMQ, 2:283). It is as if the sin suddenly flowed in all the veins towards your heart. The Prophet (SAWS) says that prayers of three people are never declined, of these is that of an oppressed man to which the gates of the skies are opened. The Prophet (SAWS) also says that the dispensers of justice will be seated on pulpits of light on the right side of the All Merciful. Persecution and Enmity: The Prophet (SAWS) was persecuted for 13 years and none of the tribes gave him shelter. Then six young men from al-Ansar[5] from al-Aws tribe, offered him shelter but he refused because of their enmity with al-Khazraj tribe; who would then not believe in him. The Prophet (SAWS) waited two more years until the believers became 72 and he immigrated to Madinah[6]. The Situation at Madinah: It was not easy or simple at Madinah, especially with the conflicts between al-Aws and al-Khazraj tribes. The Prophet (SAWS) had to stop several wars from starting between them. There were many other tribes in Madinah who did not believe in Muhammad (SAWS) and continuously tried to hurt him too. Even after they believed, they continued to hurt him. The Stolen Armor: An incident happened when a man���s armor, from al-Aws, got stolen and a man from al-Khazraj was accused. A Jewish man was caught with the armor and so the Prophet (SAWS) announced him guilty, and the Muslim innocent. Jibril (AS) Gabriel descended upon the Prophet before fajr (dawn) prayer and uncovered a conspiracy by the Muslim against the Jew. After prayer, the Prophet announced the innocence of the Jew because justice was more important than tribe conflicts or faith differences. He recited the verses, ���Surely, We have sent down to you (i.e. the prophet) the Book with the Truth that you judge among mankind by whatever Allah has shown you; and do not be a constant adversary of the treacherous. And ask forgiveness of Allah; surely Allah has been Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful. And do not dispute concerning the ones who betray themselves; surely Allah does not love him who has been constantly treacherous, (and) vicious. They seek to conceal themselves from (other) men, (Literally: mankind) and they do not seek to conceal themselves from Allah, and He is with them as they brood by night a saying with which He is not satisfied; and Allah has been Supremely Encompassing of whatever they do. Now, you are the ones (Literally: these) who have disputed concerning them in the present (Literally: the lowly life, i.e., the life of this world) life; then who will dispute with Allah concerning them on the Day of the Resurrection, or who will be a constant trustee for them? And whoever earns an odious (deed) or does an injustice to himself (and) thereafter asks Allah His forgiveness, he will find Allah Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful. And whoever earns a vice, surely then he earns it only against himself; and Allah has been Ever-Knowing, Ever-Wise. And whoever earns an offense or a vice (and) thereafter throws (the blame thereof) upon an innocent one, then he has readily burdened himself with all-malicious calumny and evident vice.��� (TMQ, 4:105-112). This story is for every false witness, all those who oppress their wives, every forger or lawyer who defends someone he knows is guilty, and to all who swear falsely by Allah in courts. The Prophet (SAWS) was once heard to have said that the major sins are three, to disbelieve in Allah, to kill a soul, and to make a false testimony. He stressed on the last. What comes after applying justice? Al-Khazraj did not cause any problems afterwards because of what they had seen of justice and security. The Jew did not become a Muslim, which shows that this was not intended by the Prophet���s justice. The thief escaped from Madinah and went to the enemies of Islam. Thus a Qur���anic ayah[7] was revealed, saying, ���And whoever constantly opposes the Messenger, even after the guidance has become evident to him, and closely follows (a way) other than the believers���way, We turn him away to whatever (patron) he turns away to, and We roast him at Hell; and what an odious Destiny!��� (TMQ, 4:115). A word for every traitor to justice: Allah says ������surely Allah does not love him who has been constantly treacherous, (and) vicious.��� (TMQ, 4:107). I tell everyone who has been unjust, repent, and return people���s rights; injustice is darkness on the Day of Judgment. The Watcher (SWT): In our story about the armor theft, Jibril (AS) descended with the truth, but that does not happen in courts. Allah is watching, so keep your conscience alert. There is a supplication that arouses your conscience and which you can say before you go to sleep. It says, ���Allah is witnessing, Allah sees me, Allah is watching me.��� When the name of Allah ���The Watcher��� was vivid in the hearts: Omar Ibnul-Khattab (RA) once met a shepherd boy. To test his faith, Omar asked him to sell him a sheep and tell his master that the wolf ate it. The boy refused and said that Allah is watching. Another time Omar heard a girl blaming her mother who was a milk seller for adding water to milk. She reminded her that Omar forbade that. The mother replied, ���He could not see us!���. So her daughter said, ���But Allah could���. The first rule of justice: Allah forgives. Allah says, ���And whoever earns an odious (deed) or does an injustice to himself (and) thereafter asks Allah His forgiveness, he will find Allah Ever-Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.��� (TMQ, 4:110). It was reported that Allah (SWT) says that as long as the son of Adam asks for forgiveness and repents to Allah, Allah will forgive him. Even if his sins were so many that they reached the sky, and if he had so many sins but worshipped Allah alone, Allah will forgive him. The second rule: Allah (SWT) says, ���And whoever earns a vice, surely then he earns it only against himself;��� (TMQ, 4:111) We should not blame people for the faults of one of them. The third rule: Allah says, ���And whoever earns an offense or a vice (and) thereafter throws (the blame thereof) upon an innocent one, then he has readily burdened himself with all-malicious calumny and evident vice��� (TMQ, 4:112). Justice starts from our homes: If we could apply justice with our women, we will be able to apply it with the rest of the human beings on Earth. We have to start from our homes. The Surah[8] of an-Nisa��� stresses this value. The wisdom of today���s story: 1- Justice ���. Start with yourself and your family. You will see it everywhere. 2- Remember Allah���s Name ��� The Watcher. 3- Repent. Give people their rights back. more stories of theQuran,

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