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FW: deSoL – Video Contest Winners Announced!

October 11, 2008

God Loves You Best,


Thalia C. Sanders

Thalia “Connie” Sanders, and

Join me

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 18:30:28 -0500
Subject: deSoL – Video Contest Winners Announced!

We’re Proud To Announce The
OMW Video Contest Winners!

** 1st Place **

“The Chef”
Rachel DeSantis

** 2nd Place **
Sid Not So Vicious”
Cidalia Silva

** 3rd Place **
(Nashville TN)

We’d officially like to say “thank you”
and congratulations
to our winners!

You’re participation outshone
that of the other contestants. 

We’d also like to thank everyone else
who participated in the contest.
Though you didn’t win,
your efforts are/were much appreciated.

We hope everyone had fun
being part of this!
Just because the contest
has been over for a bit,
we’d still encourage you to
It was our first time putting
a contest of this sort together…
we have a new music video
coming out toward the end of the year
and maybe we’ll try it again!

Thanks again, we’ll see you soon!


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