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FW: Career Fitness Tip: How to be an INTRApreneur

October 14, 2008

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 00:02:23 -0500

Subject: Career Fitness Tip: How to be an INTRApreneur


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Last week I showed you how to add value (and job security) to yourself by learning how to solve four types of problems. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to put some of that knowledge to use.

This week we want to focus on helping your organization make money.

You’ve probably heard of entrepreneurs. These are people who start their own businesses, often at great risk, for the reward of having control and being able to make dreams come true. Entrepreneurs (and I know this from being one) are forced to think critically about every dollar that’s spent and make the most of each opportunity to try and make money.

Even if you’re not up for this rollercoaster ride, you can still use principles we use and become an INTRApreneur! I know that terms sounds weird, but it makes total sense. To add value, you have to think of your organization as YOUR company. Here are some suggestions to get your INTRApreneurial spirit engaged:

1. Look for new markets. Think of this company as your own. If you can’t see opportunities coming down the road, your company can go bust. This is your chance to do some networking and prospecting on behalf of your company.

2. Establish networks. Let people know where your work and what you do. Think of ways to find common connections with everyone you meet. Show them that your company is one they should do business with.

3. Think of office resources as your own. In my home office, I count paperclips, paper, and other office supplies. I have to pay for these so I control their use. It comes right off my bottom line. I know the temptation to leave with little things from your office, but remember, it comes off YOUR bottom line. Protect your office from this kind of innocent pilferage.

4. Come up with a constant stream of innovative ideas. In the old days, new ideas were probably swept under the rug or stolen by other office mates. Nowadays, your ability to come up with a creative idea may save your company from going under. This isn’t the time to play games. Make sure you communicate with everyone above you if you have a great idea. I know these seem like they should be the responsibility of someone else, but if your own job security is on the line, don’t you think you might want to step up?

Remember, job security is never a guarantee with the same company, but if you can do the four steps above, you’ll learn some powerful techniques that will make any organization a success. And who knows, maybe someday that business you’re protecting will be your own! Towards your TOTAL Career Success, Malcolm ps. I’m going to be doing a “Marketing Yourself for Your Dream Job” seminar soon in Clarksburg, MD. If you’re in the DC/Metro area, make plans to attend! I’ll give you the date in a few days! pps.

You can’t control the rollercoaster economy. Take control of what you CAN – your own attitude and performance! Get great career help on video today at!

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