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God\’s chosen people

October 17, 2008

Okay it is now fall (autumn) already. However, it has been hot and stuffy as hell. I am at the public library and guess what, the air condition is on. My breathing is better with the air condition, so I am good.

As for me, I am chilling. I am in love and out of love again. I don\’t want no guy laying up on me. I can\’t have it. I am older so I pick up on guys when they want to hang around and do nothing. Hey I should know, I have like two kids and the guys would lay up on you forever. I am not holding hostages or grudges, the guy has got to go. I can do bad by myself.

I am the moderator on three groups. Yet, I don\’t have much to say on those two groups or even this page. I see that my ratings have went down for the Month of October. Must October be so ruthless and challenging.

I went to church the other day, the service – including the refreshments – lasted for 4 hours. I was telling the lady about my testimony and my actual blood line to the Hebrews. She said, I have someone to go and I have to start to go there asap. I was like Gosh she was curt and every second counted. As I was saying before I was rudely interupted, I like being around my own kind, that way you don\’t have to worry about people putting up signs to deal with you on their terms. Most of my economic opportunities have been around the Jews. No I did not take advantage of the situation and sell drugs on their lawn or bring the neighborhood down. God is so subtle in bringing his tribe back together.

Other than a man, what is it that we are look for. I think we all want to meet people fairly easy. I don\’t have time to be bothered with problems. Sure we have to be careful. We have to be careful so that we are not deceived and come back home safely.

Lastly before I check out this cool weekend, and I think I am going to take a walk. I lost 20 pounds, so now I only weigh 161 pounds. I know the economy is in recession, the new administration that will be coming in will do a better job than the presidential administration that is now in office. I could do a better job than the people in the office, look at the billions and billions of dollars that went toward bad programs, the banks and the state department. Yet there is still discrimination and so how are people going to find jobs to pay taxes to fund the programs until the government can make a profit or turn a dollar. The economy is so weak and many people like myself are quite poor. The market economy (capitalism) is doing very poor. As a Americans all we have is each other right now, in this big gloomy world we are in. We are a young nation, with a global economy but we are in recession/depression. Therefore we have to get a hold on corruption because it will stifle the dollar. Marylanders especially are on the brink of civil war and the crime and corruption definitely helped lower the dollar.

Although I may be the crazy one, I warned everyone about those high ass A.P.R.\’s. No but did anyone listen to me. Not at all. Anyway, got to go. Talk with you next week. Until we meet again. Peace and God bless you.

~ Thal

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