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God\’s chosen people @ October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Jiggle my brain: It\’s the annual office picnic and Steve has arrived late. He is supposed to be running one of the large grills and since he is late, he rushes to the grill, spills in an immense amount of lighter fluid (thinking that it will ge tthe grilll hot in a short period of time). He doesn\’t realize that the can of lighter fluid is defective and when he lights the grill, fire shoots from the grill and catches John\’s clothing on fire, causing severe burns.

The issue we want to establish is the amount in controversy in this action and the other data when the plaintiff makes an allegation. Next we want to arrive at what really caused the severe burnss to the Plaintiff\’s body? Did the failing to exercise adequate control of the light fluid can case the injury to the body to the plaintiff?

Remember, when a party can\’t agree on a matter then it is forwarded to the trial jury, to determine how much of a reward, the Plaintiff is entitled to and who if any parties are liable for the injuries.


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QUESTION ONE: AM I A LIFELONG LEARNER? Or have I allowed my position in life to determine that I no longer need to learn?

I would say that yes, I am a life long learner, I have taken the commitment to gain quality education. I have empowered everyone in my wake. I am still learning. Yet I believe that everything is in order in God\’s universe. I struggle to follow the straight and narrow path. I trust that God will make bad for Good and speak as though it may be.

A moment of empowerment: This week I went to court. The other party did not show so basically what I did was I asked for a writ of attachment. I understand that my daughters father has been calling me crazy and telling her to leave her mom. I had to argue with my sons\’ attorney because I believe in democracy for my children. I believe that I have done everything that I could do for my children to ensure their future and their children\’s future. Most of all, this is a gentle reminder that by all means possible I won\’t be taking shots at my mental ability and my chasity. Earlier this week I went ot an interview and the woman said that she would not move forward with me in the interview, because of my resume. I believe that it was pretext for discrimination along the lines of anti-semitic and religion. I believe that God has it all under control, you just got to sit back and do the absolute best that you can do, by putting your best foot forward. In the end, the world is big enough for you and the person that you compete again.

God said he would bless those that bless Israel and as long as the vessle ain\’t broken then God will allow Israel to be a blessing to other nations. In the end, all you really have is your own kind, God\’s people or God\’s chose people. Thank God that I a holy tribe set aside by God and he will honor his covenant.

Have a fabulous week. It\’s really cold here, just 50 degrees but the wind is very chilly.

Take Care, Thalia

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