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The day after the day after election on November 6, 2008

November 6, 2008

This country has done something that I thought would never be done. The country elected a African-American man, and he is still alive after 24 hours, of election day. Although we don\’t much about this candidate, we all hope for the best and did not have much to choose. We had no where but to go but up. I never I thought that I would see an African-American go so far as a government official.

Here\’s my election day experience. I voted and stood in line for like three hours. My feet were tired and my body was about to shut down just minutes before I voted. I was proud. It was my first time ever standing in a line this long. It was also my first time seeing the great people of Capitol Heights, Maryland mobilized for a great cause. However, there were only twelve machines for the hundreds of people who stood in line before me, and the thousands of people who were anticipated to vote in this great and historical election.

My ancestors arrived in this country almost 400 years ago, in 1630. Although I do know a lot about John McCain, and we both come from strong kick-ass Scottish/Irish (a Maverick) roots. Everything that I know about McCain is true and backed up with authoritarian reference. I hope that this country learns safely about our next president. We both had ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War, and I knew that he was great with foreign policy and possibly a distant cousin. I do wish both candidates the best of luck. Somehow, I believe that this country is in good hands, and may have been in just as good of hands with the democratic oponent now turned incumbent. Although I am shocked and the political tide has changed from what my ancestors fought for this country to be. I trust that God will make all things to come together for the good of those who love him (Romans 8).

I would like to hear your experiences, and welcome you to leave your comments. I believe together we can do anything and we ask most of all that God bless America. And thanks Barack Obama for noticing those individuals who persistent and stood fast in long lines to vote. Congratulations on your win.

~ Thalia


Here\’s one writers experience, K writes, I voted in Alexandria, VA (Fairfax County).

I arrived at my polling place at 6 am and the line was already snaked around the corner. The line was long, but I was so glad to see the many, many people out that early in the morning. This was my first time voting in Virginia, and I was told by those waiting in line with me that the polling place where we voted never, ever had that many people waiting in line before the polls opened. I was done by 7:15 am, so it took about me a little over an hour. The wait wasn\’t bad at all because the weather was mild and the conversations I had with the people in line were friendly and warm.

What about you? How was your experience?

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