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My culture: My Style @ Dec. 5, 2008, I am a real home girl

December 5, 2008

Note: If I get my dream date, I will stay in love and tell him touch my body. Sing Mariah.

Not one of the deadly sin here, lust for the perfect date

Hey everybody, man I have been lazy and swamped but some of you kept on checking on me since the spring. I just want to tell you that I love you. You are the reason why I even check in on the 360 site. Your love gives me a new lease on life.

Here\’s what I noticed, everybody is always in a rush. I noticed that nobody has the change for anything until it\’s time to exit out of the turnkey. Then we as people always rush looking for our ride and the bus.

It\’s been so cold the last three weeks. The cost of gas is very difficult for me to stay warm. As usually I ate thanksgiving alone, but this time it was very lonely and it was withoout my kids. I have decided that since I have learned about my jewish heritage that unless I know the individual, I will never set foot in another church again. I have seen extreme forms of hate that give me concern over my safety and wellbeing. It comes at time when only angels can serve you and God has separate the wheat from the chaffe.

What I am thinking, right now, everybody is making O\’bama and King shirts, calendars and portfolio\’s. Heck I got news paper trimmings that I plan to make a chronological, yes that is the word I am looking for a date book, not of every move but at times when I thought he may or may not be the underdog. Barack is the type of person that we all say, who\’s going to get us out this mess, and he raises his hand and saids hey I will do it. I can do it. As a black person, my parent taught us that we have Merit and that means that we can do anything that we say we can do in time.

As for the first lady elect, she is modest and stylish. I like the fact that she isn\’t flashy, but classic and tasteful. I also hear that she is sociable. She is in her world and on guard to what is the best for the children, aren\’t we all, especially when I stood in a long line thinking about what was best for my kids too. Come on we are all American\’s in a failed economy and so we have got to make it work for both of us. I can see that the oldest child is definitely one that demands privacy, her name is close to mine, Thalia and Malia.

Nevertheless, our new first lady is not different from anyone else, but I hope that her bad hair days are over; she has a stylist, so I am sure that will be over with…. She is tall, and hear she may be as tall or taller than Eleanor Roosevelt. However, Eleanor and Lincoln were rumored to be queer.

Also what is hot on the charts is how much time do you get when you have been outside of the States to be America. You don\’t get very long, and sometimes you may not be eligible for repatriation to take an oath to affirm your allegiance to America, people are saying our president refuse to take the allegiance, and that his stay out of the states was quite some time. I have no concrete facts about our new president. I generally like to have concrete facts on the whole picture when dealing with crisis experience. Lord have mercy on me.

I too am hoping that the first family will worship in a bible preaching church, t his is an oddity. Will he be a Mason and remain in the Black Caucus. Or is the family a Muslim. When you are dealing as a head of state, I don\’t think that you should show a strong preference of one establishment clause to another religious entity, and it could be dangerous.

In closing, I will get off of what I think about our new president and say this. As for me, if I get the time I would like to have a dream date. A date that no matter where we are in life, that it would be okay to go out. I probably would want a romantic date. My problem is that after I get through the challenge. i really don\’t the guy. It only hurts after their relationship takes a fizz and then a downward spike. Anyway some of my dream dates would be, after a serious makeover is to go out with the following, that some of you may or may not know: K. Khavari, M. Lopez, H. Harper, M. Garafolo, and M. Melia.

I guess you are wandering what is so unique about these guys. I can see that each one carries a level of popularity and celebrity and power. I also really like what they say to me, or their fans. A lot of times, I am thinking maybe I should go hear and do this and then I read that they were there too, so we have a very similar interest. So I know we have some things in common.

Finally, the bible talks about how God really did not want us to be alone and pass off heterosexual relationships as nothing. I am willing to live to be 900 years old, and then get married or have my third child at 120 years old. I am sold out to God, read Genesis 10th through 12th chapter.

I wrote a letter to Oprah, I forgot to say that I think our new president will be able to connect with major Islamic leaders, as for trade and tourism with the radical countries, I don���t know. Oh, I saw Sarah Palin pardon a turkey, it was gross. There was a turkey in the bag ground head first and feet dangling to life going down a grinder, that was gross and poor taste. If she takes some classes, I will be ready to vote for her the presidential ticket of 2012, and I am not sure if Mac Cain will be living long enough at his age to be the vice president. Laugh on line.

Yeah, I wrote Oprah. Hi Oprah. My name is Thalia Sanders and I am asking for an additional 1,000,000 more people to come to D.C. I think that a minimum of 2,500,000 will come as they showed for Lyndon B. Johnson, but the devil in me says all though I don���t have the funds or the authority, that I should invite even more. Yeah, come on down to D.C. and hang out with me. Come on to D.C. we don���t know how we are going to pay for all the people coming into town, and where your lodge, or hotel or private residence will be but come on. See you there, don���t be square. For me, it has always been a historical event, of course I wanted my cousin to win, but I stayed true to the Democratic Party. Unlike
Oprah, she had already made her mind up that she was going to pick a winner, in the end we were both crying and I felt a oneness with everyone at the Grant Park, in Illinois.

Well it���s Friday, gotta go. I have so much to post and little time to post it. Talk with you soon, I have goodies in store for you. Can���t wait till God blesses me with an opportunity to come and post again on the worlds best website and Blog Yahoo 360.

I got a secret to let you in on, did I tell you that I wrote Oprah, here\’s the letter that I sent in three pieces via e-mail.

Dear Oprah,

To me, Senator O\’Bama, as the new President Elect, and the incumbent 44th President symbolizes change for me. I cried when I heard that he had won in an overwhelming 100 plus electoral vote. I never believed in my lifetime that I would see a president of color. I have been grateful to be in-laws, very distant to a distant cousin to a president, but that was like Andrew Jackson. So I just saw my whole life flash between my eyes. As soon as I voted, I felt good about my vote because I believed that I was Clansman with MacCain, but I believed in the speeches that the President Elect had given. I wanted a change and wanted to stay with my party, the Democratic National Committee. I think I would have voted a kitten in the chair as long as he was democrat. Nevertheless, to me his vote means that America is all grown up and has let someone who spent some time in America become an achiever of the highest office, and one of the most powerful positions in America – in the oval office. I see that Barracks��� parents were just like mine, they taught us about Merit and that you could achieve anything that you say you can do. So I grudgingly gave him a chance and voted for the President Elect.

No other president incumbent had courted my vote and so I always knew that I would vote Barack Obama. I even got a voicemail message from Michelle Obama asking me to vote for her husband. So once I noticed that the Obama crew thought enough of me to call and ask was I going to vote, because I wasn\’t thinking early on that it did not matter, and then I was charged to have a voice. I stood in line for 3 hours. I have never seen Capitol Heights come out in force like that, and the lines were like three hours long the first half of the day. I worked in collaboration with PBS and under the professional guidance of an incredibly handsome journalist and reporter. It took all my concentration to stay focused on history and recording the event. Like I said earlier, I knew that this would be a good time to go into D.C., and so I went to D.C., just like I will be going to D.C. on January 19th, 2008. I have only worked one Inauguration, but I am sure there will be a line for seekers to the inaugural events. I enjoy my private life, but I would love to tape the different events and make a record and report of my observation, but it was an honor to step back in time and look at my child hood neighborhood, how it hasn\’t grown and many communities like my child hood community are all but shut down.

In closing, I am thinking that the new president elect had a lot of changing to do and I hope that I am pleased and excited about the reform and changes that will affect my community in D.C. No matter where I go, D.C. will always be home to me because I love D.C. Also I have always thought that Oprah and I were cousins or related to the same cousin because of her connection to the Watsons in Mississippi, so I am really happy to hear that she will come to D.C. and maybe I can attend one of her shows if fate and time permit, lady luck be with me. The youth at the church, we will be having a talk show and going over smoking cessation principles and their hopes of how the country will be fit for them as they become healthy leaders in our up and coming generation. As a U.S. citizen I am compelled to make this country better than the shape it is in, to me it has failed. I have hope and will continue to try making this nation great like it once was… I know that the Democrats can put this country in the right direction to a healthy commerce and economy. Voting experience,

Take care and good bye,

Thalia Sanders

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