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Entry for December 08, 2008

December 8, 2008

Anger, it is a natural emotion or feeling. On the contrast, finding out that you have permission to wear at least 130 tartans is great. But what do you do in the mean time, when you feel like a piece of trash….?

I have felt so much anger, when I am not taking holy communion that I believe the author unknown, that wrote, we feel anger we are Blocked from getting something we want.

Is anger good for us because it protects us from threat, it reminds us that we have power to overcome obstacles, and it gives us ameansure of how important it is for us to get what we want?

I know that my anger gives me a certain level of power. I know that my anger is going to make me stand up to oppression, corruption, and bullies in socialization. Yet in the end, I am going to go back and say, \”I hate that person,\” I don\’t like her. She stood up for her rights, but she said a lot of hurtful things to people, and I don\’t know if she really meant it or not.

What happens after the battle is over with… What happens when some of us are from the Congress Heights, SE, Washington DC neighborhoods like Galveston Street and Condon Terrace, and we have to let you get a piece of our mind and fist and pistle if needed and warranted.

Me, I am totally a crab. I must admit my anger allows me to be a horizon zodiac sign and I am very bull headed and head on to the danger and trouble. I can be as stubborn as a bull. I do growl some kind of bad when I have been wounded emotionally and my anger and wrath is provoked. When it comes to my kids, I am a lioness at heart. I would do anything for my kids. I am like most mothers, I will smile only when you are kind to my child. I am also like most mothers, I don\’t want anyone to harm my child or do anything that would upset the child. No I don\’t think like my dad, that my little monsters should get away with murder. My dad has a bad heart, so I don\’t mess with him too much, and he is grown and independent.

I also think that my sister kinda married into the out-law. Although she might not be interested, she won\’t be eligible for some of the benefits that a woman of color gets when she is single. I don\’t have to explain to anyone maybe to beck, but we\’ll see. I will rule him and he will be my brad pit yet, and follow me all over the world.

Well, I got a few minutes but before closing this weekend I went with my oldest sister somewhere. You would have thought I was a crack head with white powdered donuts on my lips and she was picking me up at an abandon apartment. She said that I had so many roaches that the eggs were in my refrigerator and beat me at eating my food. If I could have I would have dropped her ass from the 50th floor. In the end, I got on her nerves more than she did mine. The fierce battle is that she never gives me credit, but is curious of my intelligence.

I got to go but these are the links that I have been reading and find them quite interesting.

A visitors comes to your church for the holidays. God has given you an opportunity. Will you handle it any better than you did last year?

They walk in, they do not know anyone or what to expect yet, they have come to your congregation wanting to worship.

Sometimes they are looking for a church home, sometimes a place to come into contact with God.

What they really, really want is a friendly face, a warm handshake, and…well…a friend.

Your congregation is probably very friendly, but unless these guests are greeted and helped within the first few seconds in your building, they will not think of your church as a friendly one.

Here is a plan, step-by-step, \’do this, then do this, then do this.\’ Your plan for greeting guests and maintaining a greeters ministry is here. Ready to go by Sunday.

Don\’t wait.

Check this out.

In Him,

–Curt Gunz

P.S. There will be visitors at church this Sunday, will you be ready? The Christmas season is when people look for a church home (their New Year\’s Resolutions are often to get \”back in church\”). Will you be ready to help them?

(click or cut and paste directly into your browser)

found this gallery at

\”Year after year, many workers will add \”improve my relationship with my boss\” to their list of New Years\’ resolutions. While the supervisor-subordinate relationship is crucial to job satisfaction, be sure your primary strategy to building a more fruitful connection…

View the entire entry:

Got a knack for video games? Then give Cubicle Racer a try to see if you can get promoted to the executive floor! Why would management give you rolling chairs if they didn\’t want you to race down the hallways…

View the entire entry:

When your co-workers start speaking that \”strange\” corporate language with words like paradigm and repurpose, check your custom game board, you could be a winner! Transform your next meeting from boring to thrilling! Put those annoying buzzwords to good use…

View the entire entry:

The Temp Life, Spherion\’s original web-based series, contains subject matter that may be disturbing to some viewers… especially temps! In this episode, Laura lands the temp job of her dreams, a 3-week stint at Microsoft. Never in a million years…

View the entire entry:

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