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Entry for December 19, 2008

December 19, 2008

I had basically forgot about this group, but they are still going on. The group has a lot of potential. I just hope that the group gets a catchy tune and excellent musicians.

Like for instance, Beyonce, she has an awesome percussionist, and an all female band that includes probably one of the best guitar players ever.

Also is Hannah Montana, her bass player and percussionist are awesome. An awesome band helps you stay on top even when the muse doesn’t whisper tunes in your ear that everyone loves. I always look for a band that has the mother drums from Africa and that’s what you get when I listen to Hannah Montana, and the group Hives, that toured with Maroon 5 in 2007, and the Backstreet Boys and a whole host of other musical groups. The band is everything.

I read that Caroline Kennedy is seeking the support of Al Sharpton to fill the seat of Senator Hillary Clinton. Rats, I was going to run for the Senator of New York. My bag.

Also yesterday I think the African American women got thrown into politics and religion. I thought that the church and the state were separate powers that be…. I think the president elect was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t with the prayer of convocation, but that is what true friendship is all about not seeing eye to eye, to agree to disagree. Of course, I am partial and I did see the incumbent president try to forge a relationship with the BGEA, but there were no fireworks. So at this time, it is better to be safe that sorry and in the end, it is not what we know but who we know.

But you have got to ask, how many Gays and Latino’s voted for Barack and still feel left out? He will need that base to make a difference on the messed up economy and country that he inherited, in the next election.

I said at the Torah study and I will say it again. Growing up, as a child I was defined by other people. I was told that I was just black and nothing more than African American. More recently, My identity was defined as just something is wrong with that person and you can tell just by listening to her. The identity is esteemed by the person that bears the soul of their own psyche. I am no one’s slave and so I have a destiny for my identity.

In closing, I never sat in a church that targeted white people by pointing out there racism. I will say that as a person of color, I have seen the ugly side of racism and have been harmed by being denied social justice. Nevertheless, all churches are not out to upset people by talking about sensitive topics. I do believe that many churches are full of politics, and I have curtailed in trying to be a blessing to the organization and the people in the building because of all the politics. I am very careful about the church or any congregation that I would sit with for more than five minutes.

I tried to be a blessing to one church that was across the street from my house. The organization was so political that I got tired and refuse to step foot in the building ever again. I can’t go somewhere that is a distraction to my main focus and that is to Israel and making my family whole. I don’t play politics with my children who are my direct descendants. If you want me to do something then let me know, but just remember that I don’t play politics with my direct descendants, and I don’t play politics with my direct ancestors.

God bless Israel, and Hello to all the Levites out there in the world. Rulers of the world. We rock.

By Mama Celeste Kelly,

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