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Merry Christmas 2008? What do you celebrate

December 23, 2008

Hello. I just want to say Merry Christmas to all of my readers out there.

So what is your story? Do you believe in Santa Clause? Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you honor or celebrate Hannukah by observing Channukah?

My story is this, yes I observe the tradition of Christmas. However, I do not get caught up in any man\’s traditions. Remember a tradition may be a time for one man to esteem the other and depise another. So I treat each case by case. I also honor Hannakah, but my relatives lived a pretty good lifestyle in Europe before they were dethroned from the throne via the actions of parliament and some non-in laws. What I am saying is that although my relatives did not suffer in England that brought about Hannakah, I am in solidarity with those who have a special meaning about the Jewish observance of Hannakah.

As a child, we had the Christmas trees and presents that we could open no earlier than midnite. As a small child, I would open my gifts right at mid night. I also would hope that Santa would bring me more gifts the next morning. As I would go through my gifts it is then that I had realized that maybe I wasn\’t calling the shots after all. I began to think that Santa was my Mom because if Santa was all knowing he would have given me more of whatever it was that I asked for to my hearts delight on and around Christmas and shortly thereafter. I had given Santa until and I still do, January 25th, 2008 to bring in the gifts and take down the festival of lights.

Christmas is more to me than criticizing an ethnic group. Christmas is a time when the prophets prophecize that a child would be born. He would be persecuted and treated just like you and me, but he would have something extraordinary on his side, and that was one he would come out of the higher order priest, from the holy spirit to precede my direct ancestor Aaron, and the Melchizdek Order of the Priest from the tribe of Judah. God had also prophecied that the Levitical tribe would be placed in the fire and it would be difficult for the tribe to do their priestly duties (Read Numbers 4th Chapter in the Bible).

Most importantly, a child that was born would be king and ruler over many nations. He would set in order and make everything right. He would establish his throne in Jerusalem. All people would bow to Him and call him King. Today, I rest on the Sabbath as I wait for the coming Messiah to return.

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