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What’s in your family tree (wallet or addy)

January 6, 2009

I never got to post because the facebook application was not working for me, talking about bugs and kinks.

The application allows me to do research that reveal the unique personality of the Sons of Aaron (Genesis 46:11). I am learning that the unique distinction and personality of the Sons of Aaron begins, historically, as first recorded in the King James Version of the Bible. The King James Version of the Bible is the preferred method for people of Scottish Descent (Genesis 47:22). The Sons of Aaron went on to be fathers of Nations and as the story goes that there is a horizontal descent or ascent of aristocracy. Famous monarchies under the Sons of Aarons are Queen Anne of Scotland and the list goes on to moiré.

In doing my research, I found that McGowan was also a very established name in Scotland under the MacDonald Clan, but I am not sure which isle that some families come from. Nevertheless, I am from Alexander, in Glengarry Scotland. In short, the priest comes from the House of the Levites, a Priestly house. Therefore, the Levites were already giving the government revenue for their yield (government, family and marriage, church are the institutions that God created. God also created, oil, water, wind and fire, which are four of the five elements that people observe). When an entity does not give the government reverence and respect then it is time to get your own country.

God is good because in Chapters 45 through 46, it is subtly shows how the people are entangled into bondage. The bondage physically is caused by a famine in the land

In closing, I wish all of you well and good blessings in all of your endeavors; a blessing goes a long way

~ Thalia

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