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Have a fabulous and chilly weekend, Jan. 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

I know that is really cold outside. I had to rest last night. I am always in a rush to make fried chicken before the chicken goes bad. That’s right, I don’t have the luxury of going to whole foods or other organic stores. I love to buy my meat there, all I can afford is chicken, but sometimes I get fresh fruit and salad dressing. I tried my first jar of viniagrette at that organic store.

I have learned so much this week. I was told that I am not politically connected, so that means that this new administration will not do anything for me. I also learned that what used to work for when I was last working for the government won’t work now. I think I knew too much. I needed to get away from the government. Oh hell, it’s a recession outside, I will be pimped out for anybody.

I also was told that I look just like my biological father. He never wanted to remain married, and even though my Mom is dead, he also is a divorcee. Did I tell you about the time he came back from my Mom’s funeral and that was the beginning of his divorce proceedings. Gee, what a dead woman can do to you. I was told that I had the Sanders’ complexion and was the lightest one. For one, I got my own complexion. And yes, Most Sanders are dark skin. Two, I got my own hair type. My dad’s neices have very nice and manageable hair. I got my own hair type.

I was also told that I shouldn’t put too much emphasis into letting my son get to know his Filipino roots, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia will do, it’s all about your heart and on that note, I should pack up to morrow and buy a rack of acres for $40.00 to $80.00 u.s. american dollars. You think?

The environment that I live in is that no one talks to anyone unless they need something from you and only you can do. I miss forty years ago, even though I was three year old, because the people had real leaders. Right now, people don’t have an identity and now they are really excluded from the economoy and the main stream and no they don’t have a leaders. Sure the country got a black president and first lady that is really dark skin, but there is so much more that has to be done, and we have to make good on the progress that occurred on NOvember 4th, 2009.

Am I dating, no but I have had two solicitations. Do I think they are serious. NO. It doesn’t matter. I love to flirt. Right now, I am putting out a lot of reports. I am trying to tap into me and do my best writing ever. It is hard to stay organized, consolidated and concise.

Well, it’s time to go. Let’s see what do I think about the INauguration Parade. Well I had a great time chatting with the inaugural committee. I think that the Parade was organized for the large crowd. I give props to the military that followed me around all day with the no coat on so that there uniform could be seen. I met a really cool male horse. He was checking me out and I was checking him out. I went to the parad with my nephew. His dad left us because of the unruly crowd, and he got really great seats and watched the entire parade. Wow he felt that he was important and it worked out for him, that’s really cool. I know what you are thinking. I told you that I am really not all that bi-polar at all, hey I don’t go on people’s property – that’s enough keep your thoughts to yourself.

Anyway me and my nephew checked out the scene. We went to the museum got warm and then we prepared to fight our way through the crowd to go home. I only lost a glove.

Well take care, and to all those dark chocolate guys that are checking me out. I say to you, the darker the berry and the sweeter the juice. Take care…..

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