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Entry for February 04, 2009

February 4, 2009

Columbia: Angels and Demons

I wish that I could feel more comfortable about demonstrating to the world my updated pictures but I don’t.

I have just been told by a school administrator, that if I am currently not enrolled in a class, that… I don’t know. Well I told him that I was enrolled in class, just not at this campus. He said what campus. I said you know what; I am not going to even say. Then he accused me of messing with all of the chairs. I told him that if I were in China, then he would accuse me of doing any and everything on the campus.

Why does life have to be so complex? I guess as for me, I have avoided a lot of things by demanding that it be complex instead of simple. I look at how people run for the bus, the subway, the train, and on and on. As a matter of fact, I have written a lot of reports.

Truth be told, I will have traveled to the Far East, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia and also introduced Jeremiah to his ancestors. But I will never have love, peace and joy and a coming together with my father’s side of the family. The problem is that my dad’s side doesn’t know how to be family. He can’t take it when I express liberty interest for my kids. I try to keep him from going into an old folk’s home; he tells me he doesn’t want to be bothered with kids.

I went to see him at a rehabilitation centre, and he told me that I have to come at a time when they are not doing anything with him. He thinks he is so smart and got everything figured out. But, you have to ask, “Why would you want to be in an institution handling everything alone.” My daughter is at an age where her whole life can be destroyed before her eyes. Even for a Caucasian child she can be forced to give up her life to do what an adult wants her to do.

Yet, I don’t think that she has learned anything. She still is treacherous and a threat to everyone in the family. You know before God invented mercy, he would swallow up people in the ground.

So the economic stimulus package is not going to get approved. What happens if the economy isn’t stimulated? My dad said that the economy is actually worst than the depression of the 1930’s. As a matter of fact, the money that would be going to the stimulus package, are we sure that it would work. I am also afraid that the politics would stop the money from getting to the people who really need it.

Meanwhile, I have a flat butt sister who wants to run everything. If her dislexytic (can’t read) ass don’t know what she is doing. Oh yeah, and the other sister, she has a whole lot of faith, but she can’t get rid of those seizures. Meanwhile, my son has to deal with an uncle who really doesn’t want him there…. Will I ever get married? I don’t know.. In laws are a bitch.

After the oath of the inauguration, I was warm. I did not get to see it because I went to the museum to take a quick nap and get warm and thawed out. I think that the inauguration would have been okay. The real problem is that you had people who were not from the area. The area was not ready for 1,544,000 or more trips. God forbid the entire weekend leading up to the holiday and the inauguration. The visitors did not know how to travel in their cars or the public transportation, and so the confusion and the havoc caused people who actually lived in the area to be cold and not get the most out of their time to see a historical moment.

It took America 40 years, a new generation, 200,000 black and unsolved deaths to allow a black man to become president. I must admit, when I was assured that the black president elect would win by 100 or more electoral votes – then I too was emotional. It was like America was apologizing for all the wrong done to the people who came after my family, which is over 500 years ago.

I get questions like, “why I don’t date Hispanic men?” I tell them that you don’t know the history of my people. We first inhabited an area of mainly Hispanics. I can not move to the west. That is my history. I recently applied for a job and the personnel office told me that I did not submit valid proof of my nationality. I told the personnel office, that my tribe has never been able to move to the west and so I did not want to hear it. Although, I prefer something a little more long term and so I would say that I had a wonderful time when I did go out on a date or a booty call with a Hispanic call. I don’t know what I did back in those days.

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