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Jennifer Anniston, 2008 movie release

February 10, 2009

Jennifer Anniston, 2008 movie release, originally uploaded by greek-tee.

On Friday, February 6, 2009, the Movie “He is just not that into you,” was released. The movie is great and is from a novel book.

Also I had confirmed that Mary was John Sanders, the 4th wife and widow. The two had children and grandchildren. Their names were Jesse, John, Robert, William, Nancy (or Vancy), Issac, Abraham, David and Samuel. He was in the North Carolina regiment.

His wife, Mary Sanders died on August 18th, 1845 or August 27th, 1847, as recorded by Winfield Scott, the War Commissioner. War record number W3874.

John Sanders was direct descendant of Aaron, the Aaronite from the Levite tribe of Israel. He appreared with Moses (of the Levite tribe), assigned possibly from the Ephraim (Joseph) tribe in Exodus 10:1-9.

Two important books to read are authored by, Cecil Roth as early as 1954. One book is “a bird’s eye view of Jewish history,’ and ” a history of the Jews.”

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