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God\’s Chosen People: Your arms are too short to battle @ 2-13-2009

February 13, 2009

aleph Hebrew Alphabet L

On the eve of Shabbat, an everlasting covenant that shall be observed by the children of Israel (and the stranger within), I wish you love, joy and peace.

A Short History of the Praise in 2009

How lovely are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel. O Lord, through Your abundant kindness I will enter Your House, in awe I will bow down toward Your Holy Sanctuary.

O Lord, I love the House where You dwell, and the place where Your Glory resides. I shall prostate myself and bow, bend the knee before the Lord my maker. As for me, may my prayers to You, O Lord, be that the right time. O God in Your abundant righteousness, answer me with the truth of Your Salvation.

In the Language of our Lord (Hebrew): Ma Toe-voo oh-ha-leh-cha Ya-ah-kov meesh-k’no-teh-cha Yisrael. Va-ah-nee b’rove chahs-d’cha ah-voe vay-teh-cha, ehsh-ta-cha-veh el hay-chahl kahd-sh’cha b’yeer-ah-teh-cha.

Adonai ah-hav-te m’own bay-teh-cha, oo-m’kome meesh-kahn k’voe-deh-cha. Va-ah-nee ehsh-ta-cha-veh v’ehch-ra-ah ev-r’cha leef-nay Adonai oh-see. Va-ah-nee t’fee-la-tee l’cha Adonai ate ra-tzon, Eh-lo-heem b’rav chas-deh-cha, ah-nay-nee bah-et-met Yes-eh-cha.

A descendant from the Aahronic line, of the tribe of Israel, and of Jewish Descent, was an ancestor (direct or indirect) James T. Sanders; and he was the son of John Sanders and Sarah Grant. According to the Sanders family bible, the fifth generation of Sanders to arrive from England, James T. Sanders was born in North Carolina. John Sanders, a fifth generation to arrive in America from England was born in Johnston County, North Carolina, and was born in March 18th, 1762 and died in Kentucky. He married Sarah Grant, who was the daughter of William Grant (son of William and Margery Grant of Pennsylvania) and Elizabeth Boone. Sarah Grant was the daughter of Elizabeth; and the niece of the pioneer legend Daniel Boone. Sarah Sanders was born January 25th, 1759 and she died in March 29th, 1814. James T. Sanders was the fifth generation descendant of John Sanders that arrived in Nansemond County, Virginia, from England in 1630. He was born in Johnston County, on September 20th, 1793 in Johnston County, North Carolina and lived in Surry County, North Carolina and Oglethorpe County Georgia. James Sanders was also engaged in the War of 1812, the Battle of the River Raisin. The War of 1812 was a massacre that occurred, on the Raisin River in 1813. The Battle of the River Raisen has been one of the least studied and least understood events in Michigan History.

Yesterday, we talked about my father, Abraham Sanders, from the Aahronic line and a descendant of the progenitor James Sanders, and his fiasco in the Korean War. The Korean War was a pivotal point in the Cold War against communism. Although I flourished in Social Studies, it never dawned on me that my dad was part of the push back force in Asia. Abraham Sanders was attacked by several different forces, of different nationalities. He was clearly outnumbered, hungry and cold. My father never gave up and he never gave in, he continued to fight, he lived in the cold and waited for the U.S. Army to pick him up on a mountain side. He never ran, not from Mount Sinai or any other Sanders, an Aahronic line. “I run from no one.” As a result of his action, bravery and commitment he was wounded by severe frost bite in his limb, and listed honorably as a discharged veteran. The sacrifice that military people make to their country is highly commendable. Yes, as a child I grew up with a father that could not go out there and work a hearty job and work the best of two jobs or three. Yet in spite of everything, his family loved him and his community embraced him. I love Washington, D.C., not for what it stands for, but because this is the community that I grew up in. I always say that a native Washingtonian can do no wrong and is blameless. I have never felt this way away about any other community. However, we ask our self, this one questions, what would you do if you were in a foreign land and the enemy encroached you? For my Dad, the questions were easy, aim accurately and give it all you got. My father is a Jacobite, and we don’t get anything easy. We are constantly challenged and denied the good of everything and put in situations in which we will be constantly out numbered, as my “dad would say…. [Sic] you can not beat the system.”

Nevertheless, if it were not for my Father’s brave acts and his honorable sacrifice for the American people, I know that I would not be here enjoying the liberties. I don’t want you think that I don’t have struggles in life. I go through a cycle of struggle too. I don’t know when or how I am going to eat, or how I will pay the rent but… right now I do have food and a place to live. You might not even know how you are going to stay warm or buy pampers for your baby. You may feel like the government is on your shoulder. I know all of these feelings because I have felt it and lived it, because I made the wrong decisions to get entangled in the snares with the defiled people of the land, and it distracts you from getting closer with God. Nevertheless, I don’t want you to think your decision to commit to the Lord will be a walk in the park, because it won’t. You will have to find wisdom in order to survive. Most importantly is that you have to find the peace of mind and joy and happiness.

As Moses and Aaron, who often appeared together all of the time? As a matter of fact Pharaoh entertained Moses and Aaron together, as the announcement in context of plagues, such as but not limited to locusts, darkness, slaying of the first-born. Moreover, eight of the ten reproaches of Egypt were announced by Moses (Ephraim) and Aaron. The reproaches of Egypt occur around 1446 B.C. The reproaches of Egypt are plagues that occur at the hand of the Lord. Moses requests that Pharaoh allow the Israelites to go worship God. Pharaoh’s advisers recommend that he let the Israelites go to worship their God; but Pharaoh was treated like a god by the other inhabitants. Pharaohs make dialogue to amuse himself with the Israelites and inquire who will go to worship this God. And Moses and Aaron tell him that everyone will go to worship the Lord God – young and old, even the animals. And so you know the story, he reuses (Exodus 10:1, 9; Exodus 11:2; 12:1-13; Exodus 12:14-20; Exodus 12:43 and Exodus 13:16).

This story may sound like someone you know, may be there is something holding you back. Maybe you want to get to know God and have a relationship. An important step in a relationship is getting to know God. Nothing is too hard for God to solve. He will repent and he doesn’t do that much because He is a God that hastens to perform his will. He is just and merciful to his Glory. I can tell your conscious choice to give your life to God is not going to be easy, you will still have moments in the wilderness and you will have a hard climb on your Mount Seir, but I trust that you will do the right thing and be a daughter of Zion. Here is what Moses would say after gathering the congregation of Israel. He would say let God arrive and our enemies be scattered” (Deuteronomy 32:28-31). If God did it for my family, he will do it for you. He can chase ten thousand away. However, I don’t want you to go jumping on the religion wagon, and thinking that there are no hard times. I write so that you may know about His Spirit to comfort you in times that you struggle for peace and joy. In all your getting you must get understanding, or you will not have his gift of peace and joy, from the Father. It won’t be easy with sly remarks like the Israelites ran away; 2) There must not be too many good woman that are Israelites so that’s why I am an apostle; 3) God told me to say that you are blind; 4) The replacement theory is that Gentiles must teach the Gospel, because Jews won’t; 5) And last but not least, I am part of the 144,000 remnant left on the earth. Many of you won’t take the time to listen to anyone, better yet a Jew because you are so busy with your own divisive agenda, and it’s called isms and just being plain old money hungry. Let’s get one thing straight and that is that you do not talk bad about my parents. I don’t care what you say about my religion but my direct ancestors and descendants are off limits; because if I find that you are ill-treating their name, then you will need whatever it takes to get my attention away from you. It is no mistake that I am born unto the parents that I have. I don’t have a religion and I won’t talk about yours. Moreover, I challenge you and you must know that the only way that you are going to come into the realization that Jesus is Lord and that God gave his only begotten Son is the word. Many of you think that if you read the New Testament that you are fine. You are as good as going bungee jumping without a Strait Jacket. There will be many obstacles in your way, and you are required to understand those obstacles and you can’t do it without your portion of the Old Testament, the first books in the Bible, hint. Trust me, in your own time, you will know the right way to go, or you will pay for it when you are judged and God tells you that you will not have everlasting life. It’s now or never. This is your time to iron out all the details of the sort of life you think that you ought to have in all of eternity.

A Short History of the War of 1812

Northwestern Ohio and Southwestern Michigan were the locations of some of the most significant battles fought in what is sometimes referred to as \”The Second American Revolution.\”

The War of 1812 was primarily fought between the British, along with their Native American allies, and the Americans and their allies. The war pitted the relatively new 36 year old nation against another some 800 years old historically recognized as a potent world power. James T. Sanders took part in the war, which was lost on the Raisen River on January 22nd, 1813.

There were multiple causes behind the War of 1812. Some historians claim that Jefferson\’s acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 planted the seed of westward expansionism in settlers bringing them into direct conflict with Indian tribes residing there. The Battle of Tippecanoe occurred in November 1811 and though the American forces were able to defeat the Indians, Tecumseh and his followers made their way to Fort Malden in Canada enthusiastically welcomed by the British.

Another reason that may have made it necessary to have the war is the impressments; which were the British practice of stopping ships on the \”high seas\” and taking American sailors, who the British still recognized as British subjects, from their vessels and forcing them into the British Navy.

Finally, the war of [sic] Raisen River came to an end when British forces and their Indian allies, under the command of Colonel Henry Proctor reproached the American Forces. The British Forces and the Indian allies attacked the American forces on January 22, 1813, that were outmatched numerically and in weapons, and cold and ill prepared. General Winchester reluctantly surrendered his entire command hoping to avoid unnecessary killing. Little did he know that early the following day the Massacre of the River Raisin would occur, etching it forever in the annals of military history?

Memory Scripture verse: 2 Kings 19:19; John 11:4, Genesis 50:20 and Romans 8:28

\”Now therefore, O Lord our God, I pray, save us from his hand,
that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the
Lord God, You alone.\”


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