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Exodus 27:20 – Happy Shabbat forever @ 3/14/09

March 13, 2009

We covered the chapter Exodus 27:20 about two weeks ago. What I got out of the lesson is that yes Aaron\’s descendants do exist. And No, nobody will listen to us. No I am not dressing up like Aaron, the best qualities are kept in the inside so please don\’t judge me (Ezekial 43:5-10 and verses 10-27).

First stanza: ba-yoom ha-ha-yi-hiyah (2x)

2nd stanza: ba-yoom ha-ha-yi-hiyah, u-shmo (3x)

What are my thoughts on Jesus Christ? Sometimes I have been a grievous woman or a wounded woman, that means that I don\’t go making up Hebrew (or Greek words i.e., Enosh, parenthos alamanah). I believe that because of the false teachings of who Jesus Christ really is, it is that the cults are able to run rampid. He was a cousin of mine, and so naturally I have affinity for whatever someone says or does to reflect that he really did live. I am also an adherent to King James II so naturally I read the King James version of the bible. But Jesus Christ is nothing to play with, if you don\’t get it right it can conflict your faith and you may find yourself in an occult. Most importantly his life taught me to appreciate that the Gentile could be adopted into the faith if they were born again. Now I have gentiles telling me more about myself and what they think Aaron and Judiasm is all about, stop doing that… I have a lot on my mind and a million and one things to do. I put faith into action, like efficiently, productive, economically and logically how are you going to get to step one to step two. I get a lot of people who are in the occult, but say that Jesus is God and that all you have to do is say his name and things will magically appear and your reports will be done. It doesn\’t happen that way. The Lord always prepares you long ahead for the battle, this I know

So don\’t get caught up in the hype that Israel is missing and has yet to fulfill theirselves. I sit in on these synagogues and I laugh and I am amazed at how some will talk more about my ancestor Aaron then Moses. Yet, everyone imitates us, but no one will listen to us. On the good side many of the twelve tribes migrated as the earliest immigrants to America, or at least they had a strong interest in Judiasm.

What black person is not from the tribe of Judah? Then the question or assumption is that I caMe over on a slave ship. Stop assuming that… My mom\’s side is very passive, and we would haVe never owned slaves and were too smart to buy one. No I am not a descendant of a slave. No I am not from the tribe of Judah. I am from the tribe of Levi, and descended from Amram, and his son Kohath, and his son Levi. I am a lot of fun and most people that meet me want to be my cousins, except my Dad\’s side of the family, they have a smirk on their face like their distance cousins in Windsor\’s palace.

Nevertheless, I thought about the song that Britney is singing, and before I could absolutley be sure that I belong to Aaron, of the Levites and he belonged to me, let me tell you, I was the Aimee. I loved to party on Fridays. The only thing that started me was the fact that I am slower and tired on Friday, very invigorating and refreshed. I said good bye to nothing on Saturday at sun down. All I wanted to do is be the biggest 80 in your face that you could think of…

You would think that at the age of 43 years old, I would have more to do with my free time then do a genealogical search by allowing family to reach me through the internet. No. I actually was dumb enough to enroll in a few other 1980\’s theme social networking sites. I love the 80\’s because there is something magical about youth, the ages 22 through 24. However at this age when 43 is turned backwards to 34 and 42 is backwards to 24, I can say that I am more settled and I am wiser. I know that there is a God and that he is God all by himself and he did not die on the cross. God presence and His Holy Spirit is everywhere, and he is sovereign enough to be in the grave trespass in hell and take the keys of death and bring life back to earth.

Thy maker is my husband, is Isaiah 43:5, but when you like to party then sometimes you got to put the open for business sign on at Shabbat. Would he have paid your way to visit him? I don\’t know but I got plenty due in researching my heritage and embracing myself in my Jewish Heritage. The home is the best environment for your heritage because you are the master of your identity.

Here are some good ideals:

1. V\’shamroo

2. L\’cha Doe-ee or L\’choo N\’ra-n\’na

3. The Candle Lighting

4. Shalom Ahlaychem

5. Ashet Chayeel

6. Blessing the Children

7. Harachamahn

8. Psalm 112

9. The Erev Shabbat Kedoosh

10. Rachatz

11. Hamotzee

12. Beerkaht Hamazone

Shabbat da celebrations might include:

1. Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

2. The Yom Shabbat Kedoosh

3. Hamotzee

4. Beerkaht Hamazone

5. Oneg, Oneg and Oneg

If you see Amy

Thalias kitchen grooves

The Shabbat should not end with the aforementioned video but a solemn and heartfel Havadal Service directed at the youth, preferably those who are about to be in a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. .. IN the past, it has not been limited to ducking on the ground after hearing shots of gun fire because some one is getting robbed like clock work.

I hope that you do come back and visit. I have had request or I have an inclination to talk about my family and the Daniel Boone connection (Scottish and Irish heritage, the Ulster). I will be talking about the Bishops who gave up their bid for royalty in Great Britain and KIng George I, II, III and the House of Stuart and the House of Israel. Be there or be square.

Thanks for reading. Take care

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