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I am putting on my pOKer face @ March 20, 2009: Shabbat in your face

March 20, 2009

I hope that you are having a happy Shabbat. In the news I would say that I am amazed that the Jonas Brothers are on concert, but the commerical ad is horrible and untelligible.

Britney is coming to town and I know that she will do great, she has three great songs, and so I can\’t wait to buy her double platinum CD. I look for her to get an award in R&B, Dance and Pop.

Can you believe what the AIG Giant did? I am not surprised with the treasury department because we bumped heads quite a few times. I know that I must be somebody that I had a lot of trouble at a powerful agency, one that handles billions of dollars for a government in one year.

People like me just want to get their hands on a little bit of money, if it were me then I would be locked up already. As I go into another blessed weekend, we are reminded that when we follow God\’s commandments it is then that we have the heart of Aaron, one to be judged for how we feel about ___ (Israel). Most important Sabbath was very important to God and incorporated in many feast.

All is quite on the front, I wished my sister a happy birthday. I have managed to dodge the Jesus arguments, hey I am like King David, he\’s family and I really am amazed at what people think and say about the Lord Jesus. But if you don\’t have love in your heart then you are saying nothing. Most importantly in God\’s own time, his own choosing and his own calling he will make the secret things important and known to you.

Stepping out to be good, trust me. Talk with you soon.

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