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Halgadol Shabbat @ April 4, 2009

April 4, 2009

Barchu et Adonai hamvorach!; Baruch, baruch Adonai hamvorach l\’okam, lo lam vaed

Bar-ruch a-ta Adonai, Eh-lo-hei-nu meh-lech ha-o-lam, bo-rei mo\’el ha-eish / We praise you, eternal God, Sovereign of the Universe, Crator of fire.

Quote of the week: from a shuvah reading \”let life abundant be the heritage of all the children of your coveant.\”

It is getting close to the evening of Shabbat, Havadalah. It is now time to say good bye to a wonderful day of rest and relaxation. A time to reflect on your inner most thoughts, and a time to love, live and learn. (Parshah Tzav: Leviticus Chapter 6 through 8 and Jeremiah Chapters 8 through 9).

Of all the offerings that God commanded Moses to instruct to Aaron, the sons of Aaron the meal offering and it appears that the peace offering are the same. A bull was used in the meal offering. However, the high priest also accepted matzos from the poor. The reason for accepting this offering is because it was so sacred to see the pauper diligent make an offer. To this day, I don\’t care if it is the Eucharist, The HOly Communion or the Siddur, I am very enthusiastic about the tradition and the perpetual memorial that my ancestors were apart of…. and how they impacted other people to symbolize something like charity and giving.

As long as you see me take Siddur, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion then you know with a shadow of a doubt that I am showing you the inward sign that I am working on the outward appearance of ever lasting life. As long as their is an Eternal One, then I want and demand to go boldly to the throne of royalty, through grace and mercy. \”I want eternal life.\”

As our ancestors once echoed in the Revolutionary War, give me liberty or give me death…

Did you know that the Aarons sons eat the remainder of the meal offering. The holy meat of the offerings must be eaten by ritually pure persons, in their designated holy place, and within a specified time. Today, I honor the perpetual statute by reading the Old Testament of the Bible/Torah and being selfless. On April 8th, 2009 from April 15th, 2009, I will re-enact in the privacy of my heart and home that Aaron and his sons, in their vestaments that took place for a time in the kingdom of Judah, remained in the Sanctuary compound for seven days, during which time Moses (inaugurated) initiates them into priesthood.

Dear God we thank you for the transcription that has been dictated over two hundred years ago. We pray for the well being of this family. God you know we don\’t come to you professing that we have a special connection because we are annointed and we understand that there is one God. I pray that you will give my dirty mouth the appropriate words to share my faith. Most importantly, \”We pray that you will give us the faith of all those that read blog and page.\” We pray that each and every person shall know what eternal life means and will have a better understanding of God, the Eternal One. Most of all, we pray for those who are called by you and those that are your people of the covenant will remain true to you and walk in your ways, listen to your voice and obey your laws – all of this is done when we are your people, a people with a circumcised heart. I pray that you are delivered from Egypt and all of its reproaches, and that your God is my Deliverer.

I left the paper home, that I had written so continue my series of the Sanders Family, patriots on the run, on a destiny and with a mission.

Invalid. #S7451 – William Sanders (Revolutionary War) Act: June 7th, 1832, Index: Vol. ___ and page 329. It is difficult to read the records because the writers have a saxon cursy, handwriting.

Record# 3557

In 1780, William Sanders was an applicant of Franklin County, North Carolina . His rate was $21.22 cents per annum to commence on March 1831. His certificate for his pension was issued on 27th of December 1832 and sent to the honorable A. H. Shepperd, House of Representatives. The arrears are from 4th of September 1832. Remember to calculate the arrears for an Act of Congress was determined from September 1832 from March 4, 1833, at the rate of $31.88 plus 10.61 = $42.44 and recorded by Nathan Rice, Clerk, Book D Vol. 8 and page 44, on August 1st, 1837.

State of North Carolina, Franklin County on this 12th day of September AD 1832. Personally appeared in open court before the Justice of the County Court of Franklin ___ stating William Sanders a resident of Franlkin and State of North Carolina aged Eightey Six years. Who being first sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the followin Declarations in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congres lapsed june 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United under the following named officers and served as herein stated____ Tat he was drafted in the 2nd Division of the North carolina Militai (date not recollected) during the Revolution for the space of three months in the County of Bute that art which is now Arren County and was marched from thence to the Town of Halifx Cslled Head quarters and was there under the command of Colonel Picolus Long where he was kept by Col. Long for the space of four months instead of three when he was dischard by Col. Long the said discharge having long since been lost —. he then returned home —- And was again drafted in Captain William Cristmass\’s Comapny about a month after wards for a three months tour.

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