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Adonai, why are you so good to me when I don\’t deserve it @ April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009

On the fourth day after Passover, (Sunday, April 12, 2009) many people might reflect on the Parsha of Mishpatim. There are 53 mitzvot\’s that have been validated by phenomenal and well known leaders. I think a good one is to visit your home town or your home country. Although I wasn\’t born in my Mom\’s home town, I have bonded with the land. The land cries when I leave and it is a grievous time for me, not only because I am visiting a cemetery (Exodus 22:24 through 23:19). Grave yards are very germy. Nevertheless, I find myself really sad at a grave yard. However, I do think that it is a good deed to give tribute to the dead by bringing flowers to the grave. Of course, you should pay tribute while they are alive but if you want then it is good to pay homage and respect to the dead. My paternal-maternal great grandmother had her grave vandalized. She had her grave set apart from the general public and closer to the woods. I think because the grave was near the woods, we decided that it spooked us out to find clues as to who vandalized her grave.

On the fifth day after Passover, if you remember that God gave revelation through the Second Set of Tablets (His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy). The revelation concludes with the laws of the festivals (Exodus 34:1-26). I have only read that two High Priest were inaugurated to serve. Unfortunately, the world will need a saviour because the High Priest did not fulfill the duties that were handed down to them as a perpetual statute. It is best that if you are going to observe the various festivals that you do so under the direction of a sanctuary leader, there is traditional food and then there is food that we are not suppose to be eating, such as bread and shrimp and crabs and bacon. Many individuals arrange for organizations to sell some items that they feel are holding them back, from let say \”fasting.\”

As a descendant of the Aaronites (the House of Aaron) I, personally thanked God for the Festival of Unleavened Bread. I must admit that I was tempted with strong drink and bacon cheeseburgers and pizza. Yet, I did not bless their food and I stood my ground. I am not a male, but I was thinking what a privilege it is to see another day in my life. I did not attend liturgy services this pass weekend, and there I would have had regular bread. I must be careful of that, I wanted the bread of freedom to be my center piece. I wanted the Matzah to be the focus of the picture on my dinner table; by the way, I generally eat a Porterhouse or T-bone steak meal. However, I felt like something was missing without the leavened bread.

Jesus said that a little leaven goes a long way, that\’s right the 28th person to claim that he was the Messiah by descent and blood/birth right. Only God can reveal to you that He is who he says He is….. What I do know is that God has revealed to me that Jesus is He, whom the Gentiles seeks. I thank God for this opportunity, that I am not going to jail for spying and espionage and that every good think worked itself out to him that loves the Lord. We need a savior if my ancestor’s aristocracy died after his oldest son was installed. Now that is my point of view, go get yourself your own. It is my story and I am sticking with it.

In the book of Chronicles, the order of the duties for the priest (1st Chronicles 6:48-49) are changed, but they still require priestly assistance (1st Chronicles 23:12; 23:26, 28-32). Why did the duties die out, is it because they lacked a temple? There are rules of rationale thinking that promote everything. An author once wrote the book, \”Emotional Well-being through rational behavior training.\” One statement is this: it doesn\’t do anything to me; everything is exactly the way it should be; all humans are fallible creatures – but does that person mean flawed or corrupt?; It takes two to have a conflict, so see the hand?; the original cause is lost in antiquity; and we feel the way we think – are we what we eat or think?

This is my story, and you do not have to agree with it, but I had a hard time staying away from leaven. My biggest problem was trying to eat as if my ancestors ate. For instance, I wanted cereal and I wanted cakes and donuts. You should have seen me today, at the bus stop. I was tearing up a donut. Yet a Sistah ministered to me, and she said that was alright – because as people, we got to stick together and stop going against one another. I said Amen and agree to her teachings and preachings. Earlier that day, a person criticized my hair because it had grown and I like it textured, sometimes I will not even comb my hair because it is too straight and today is my off day and I was wearing blue jeans. I also was criticized because my nails are long but are different lengths. I have always been able to grow long nails and plenty of hair, but I do not like a lot of hair and nails, so I cut them regularly. My hair is very thick too….

I feel like my grocery store is my family and I trust them with my life. So it felt natural to eat at the salad bar, it was eating out during the seven days of Passover, making the time a time that the only non-leavened meals that you eat, should be the ones that you prepare for yourself. Oh God, the cheeseburgers looked good, with the bread roles, and the bacon on the burger, and I missed a deli sandwhich. I was almost smitten when I wanted to eat at my favorite shop Blimpies. Abstaining from leaven bread is worst than being away from meat or pork. However if you want a nice traditional meal on Seder (Parshah Bo and Exodus 12:1-20).

The fifth day of the Passover is the receiving of the Second Tablets, the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, which includes the laws of the festivals (Exodus 34:1-26). It is good to read this passage of the Bible because if you are invited to a feast then you will know what you are doing. If you are obligated to be a very important component of the festivals, then you are a part of the culture, the religion and it is your identity. All of this comes with price and it is not what was paid on Calvery, it is the muno dineros’, or American dollar, last I check it is worth something.

It can be expensive to observe the meal offering at a day of Passover (Leviticus 6:14-18). The next day you can observe the law of Aaron and his sons (Leviticus 6:19-23). The law of sin offering is another day that you can observe (Leviticus 6:25). In your conversation, you should express the spiritual connotations that the sin offering had to be situated in the temple, just like the burn offering and it had to be most holy (Leviticus 6:17,25 and 29; Numbers 28:9,10 and Leviticus 10:12; Leviticus 2:4; and Exodus 29:2). Then there is the trespassing offering (Leviticus 7:1) and a good conversation goer is saying that whatever was done for the sin offering, then the same shall be done for the trespassing offering (Leviticus 7:7). Finally, you can discuss the law of the trespassing offering. Many congregations go into the second Passover and some have a third seder without other disting
uished guest. At least two of the first Seders were done privately and discretely because I am related to the congregation, but I lucked up, and I did not know that I was amongst family. I learned that my people were forced to evacuate Europe and to never look back. Now I can look back, and I still see those who won’t or don’t want to see me.

Remember that Aaron was consecrated in the seven days of the feast, after the consecration the Shauvot took place, there are so many miracles to talk about i.e., how our military rescued a handsome captain and a sept of our family (Leviticus 8:22). Likewise all of the offerings were done on ordination (Leviticus 7:35; Ezekial 43:25, 26 and Leviticus 8:33) Many people on Easter Sunday did the same thing and that was blessings for a brighter tomorrow were given out, and I call that Aaron’s oblation of the convocation (Leviticus 9:21-24, all of Leviticus Chapter 11 and verse 44 through 47). Other perpetual memories and miracles are in Isaiah 8:7 and Psalm 72:5, 17-19; also the New Testament of the King James version, Mark 13:14; Matthew 24:15; and John 1:41.

My favorite story of Exodus is the flight that leads to the fight for liberty. May God continue to bless all of the young hearts and spirits of America’s military who willingly and freely give of theirselves. Other miracles to read about are in the book of Daniel, chapter 1 and verse 7, the book of Daniel, chapter 9 verse 25 and the book of Daniel, chapter 6, verse 26. There is so much to tell you about God’s miracles that have occurred and will continue to occur the 49 days (seven weeks, marking seven Sabbaths). All I can say is write your blessings down.

The House of Stuart:

That some short time afterwards he being drafted entered the service of the United States on his third tour of three months, under the following named officers and served as here in stated that is to say, about the same year in which Cornwallis was taken, this applicant then a Citizen of Louis County Virginia commenced his march from Louis a from Richmond Virginia under Colonel Ennis and Captain Phillips and marched onto Richmond where they remained bout three weeks before the regular troops came there from the South and then that the militia in which he was were put under Major McGill and McCleman both of whom were French offices of the Continental Lines, that the whole army then marched under the foresaid Majors as he recollects from Richmond to Cabbin Point, and from there down to Portsmouth where the British were landed under Cornwallis’ British then took water again and left for Little York and the American Army then marched the river over to the side where Big York was and these 4,000 French troops came and forced us that these 4,000 troops were a part of 12,000 French troops that came to Washington’s aid, another 4,000 of them joined Washington and the remaining 4,000 lay in the river to keep the British from making their escape from the town in their vessels until they were starved out and compelled to give up Washington army lay in the fork of the river, the French troops lay in the river and our troops lay ion the other side of the river from Washington’s near the towns so that Cornwallis could not escape and was taken by Washington. But a few days before Cornwallis was taken, Washington sent word to have all the militia discharge when this applicant as our of there was discharged as he thinks a few days before Cornwallis give up, so that on the road home this applicant herd that he was taken. The British light horse tried twice to break through our line before this applicant left there but they were prevented, this applicant there got a written discharge signed by Col. Ennis and Captain Mosby as this applicant recalled which discharged he lost as he did not know that it would even do him any good this applicant returned home to Louisa County having served.

You are unique, and beautiful are your bones and joints forever, I search the womb of the earth and I find jewels. Memory scripture: Numbers 12:2 and Psalm 88:4

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