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My culture: My style @ April 23, 2009 – Family is not politics or religion

April 23, 2009

Dear Friends,

I don’t know if the attached e-mail is true, and my family can not say such negative things about this country, as a people of color, we were not descendants of African Slaves. The sword cuts both ways, about who loved who…. As a descendant of a free human being in America for the last 500 years, I wish that I could be on the panel, I would tell a different side, a side of love and of royalty that was jilted from a stolen legacy.

A woman the other day told me that Jesus was talking to her, and he said to love her race? I agree with her that yes, Jesus demonstrated how he loved his own race. I was almost convinced because she allowed Jesus to remain bequeathed to the Jewish culture. Many people say that Jesus is the Lord who is God (Joshua 22:34). He is a family member, just like Clans of families I saw at the last Freedom Passover Seder last night, where there was a call for community bridges to be built. When bridges are built with love and not the hands or hearts of men, you don’t have to worry about a Red Sea experience. Pick a legacy of freedom and choose life. Listen to both sides, it is not all bad to listen to the side of freedom. Although I am not Condoleezza Rice, I could tell you some incredible stories about freedom and how this country loved me back….

Although I have never heard Jesus’ voice, I know that Jesus existed because he comes from my line, His ancestor was Jerushah a Kohenim/Levite and Jotham the son son and heir to King Uzziah of Judah (II Kings 15:33). There will be one tribe, and only Jesus can bring this peace that we all seek, and he will start with his own race and his own people.

What I get from Jesus, is that he has shown the way with incredible supernatural power. No one can force you to believe in anything, but when you do then you will be equipped to do what He did…. You will be adopted into His and my family and my faith; and I am blood born. You will not have to read about the spirit of division, you will have rights because you are redeemed. You will not have any barriers or boundaries to your bridges, one day they will all go away (Isaiah 11:4-9).

In closing, I want to say this, “Something is wrong with you when you don’t love your family.” Jesus left a very important commandment and that was to love your neighbor, as yourself. I can understand in-laws getting in the way, it happens all the time. You have a jealous in-law by way of your fathers’ second wife or your brother’s wife. How can you not love your own children and your own sibling and tribe?

This week, I thought about writing about anxiety, and then I said that I had learned that you should not be anxious for nothing. Sometimes, I can read some bad news and I am really anxious about the follow-up. I find myself practically sleeping outside of the building, on the next day.

Nevertheless, I do not think it is rational thinking to use big words that you know impose a barrier for a person who is not that familiar or fluent with the English language. I also don’t think it is rational to love being cut off from your family. In the word of God, he says that if you are not holy, then you will be cut off. There is a person in my family who absolutely loves being cut off. I guess it will dawn on him that he is cut off when he is dead. Then the prophet says that he will be awaken and placed in his right position with one of the twelve tribes. I had a blast at the Seder dinner, I told jokes about my grandmother, my father and my sisters. Of course, the Seder dinner was a real treat for my family. It is a time that they know I will be busy away from them and not in their hair. Well if someone gave me honorary membership then I would be even happier. I must admit with maturity that I am more stable, and my degree of separation might be two degrees, instead of four.

When in doubt, always align up with your family. The only thing that will block you from being with your family is the spirit of division that will yield itself to the high imaginations that come through friends and in-laws or some other negative energy. Nevertheless, I believe that family is well able and equipped to accept one that comes into the fold, they just don’t know how you are going to fit in the picture, and may be they don’t care.

I personally enjoy being blessed. I won’t go anywhere that I don’t feel blessed. I have an inherent nature to be around my people. My people know who they are and love to smile and gaze. My people try to be confident in the social experience, when there is no reason to be confident and comfortable about an impending social experience. My dad said he is not worried about anyone thinking he is important or being jealous of him or vice versa; he absolutely does not want to socialize with his family. He is a guy who is not going to bring the kids and his wife around that means he is always ready. Most of all, he is happy that he married a woman that has a great deal of intelligence.

I am amazed at how other try to walk around a prophet in the bible. The excuse being that God called another order. Or they will ask me why did I show up to this kind of sanctuary? It is a natural right to want to be near your relatives and learn information about them. Besides my siblings’ love it when I am out of there hair and into someone else’s’ so on that note, No, I will not leave you alone.

What people must remember about my line is that we are designated to be holy. Also there are statutes given out to the descendants as a perpetual statute, throughout forever and the generations: holy and offerings. The statutes are not changed to another Priestly order. The statutes are not defined by a religious organization. Although some people might feel that you are not going anywhere, I feel that God is going to judge my family, because it is broken. “He will say that the Rod would have budded a little better if you all would have cherished, respected and loved one another.”

I find it amazing how people play lik
e they don’t know but in their mind they have their questions already for you. I am amazed at how people know who my Dad and or family are and they know what questions to ask. Even more is how our names have been changed to an Anglo name, so that really complicates things.

Can you believe that I asked to be a member of a culture yahoo group and was denied? Yes, and I am slated to visit their sanctuary. So either someone is lost or they are not the real thing. Most of all, I won’t let anyone speak a spirit of division over me, but I will think twice about who my children are around.

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